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5 Ways HR Really Can Impact Business Strategy

5 Ways HR Really Can Impact Business Strategy

Human Resource or HR department plays a great role in an organization. It not only deals with employees’ issues but also arranges employees’ welfare programs and entertainment events in order to make them satisfied and happy.

Besides these, the HR department also helps the organization to make business strategies. The department has the responsibility of contacting talented people and bringing them to the organization.

5 Ways HR Really Can Impact Business Strategy

There are five strategies with which the HR department can help an organization to prosper and achieve its goals. 5 Ways HR Really Can Impact Business Strategy:-

  1. Alignment around an organization’s vision
  2. The culture of the organization
  3. Help leaders work with their team as per the strategy
  4. Make plans for the execution of a strategy
  5. Employees’ engagement with the strategy


5 Ways HR Really Can Impact Business Strategy


5 Ways HR Really Can Impact Business Strategy


Alignment around an organization’s vision

There are times when leaders in business focus more on daily work due to which they are unable to focus on the main goal of the organization. HR can help such leaders to focus on the business goals and the organization’s purpose. HR also lets the leaders know how to motivate the employees so that they can also focus on the vision of the organization.

In order to do this, HR can hold meetings with the leaders and let them know about the organization’s vision and the ways to achieve it. In order to achieve this purpose, HR should also implement the vision in their team so that other leaders can follow them and do the same.


The culture of the organization

The HR department helps an organization to maintain its culture. This culture helps in the proper execution of the organization’s vision and plan to achieve it. Leaders should be told about the culture and based on that the strategy is to be aligned with the vision and culture of the organization. The culture of the organization affects the performance of the employees so a healthy culture will motivate the employees, which will increase their efficiency.


Help leaders work with their team as per the strategy

The main goal of an organization is related to finance, which is the topmost goal. But other important goals include bringing talented people and retaining the employees in the organization. The team leaders and managers are responsible for increasing the talent of the employees working under them.

The team leads and the managers should also make arrangements for the training of their employees if required. They can conduct it either themselves or can call an outsider to train the employees. For both cases, they will have to consult with HR and can ask them to call a particular person for their training.

In this way, the organization gives HR Generalist Training in Delhi to employees who can work more efficiently and provide better results. HR should also take care of the weaknesses of the employees.

A one-to-one meeting should be arranged on a regular basis to know about the employees’ satisfaction, their grievances, problems, and solutions for them.


Make plans for the execution of a strategy

An organization has to set particular goals every year and also put a check on the goals that are still to be achieved. HR department helps the organization in this case. It helps the organization to set a particular goal for various teams and make a strategy to meet those goals.  HR should focus on the technologies, rewards, roles, processes, etc. in order to achieve the goals.

Organizations sometimes fail to make new strategies due to a lack of practical and tactical implementation plans or HR Corporate Training in Delhi. The organization is also not aware of how to align the new strategy with the organizational goals. HR provides the plan of such an alignment.

It focuses on the employees who will be addressed for the new strategies and also keeps a check on the people who will be impacted by the new strategy. Another thing done by HR is to focus on the risks, opportunities, and inter-dependencies of the strategy.


Employees’ engagement with the strategy

The employees should be notified about the new strategy in order to achieve the organizational goal. The employees should be engaged in the strategic plan from the initial stage so that they can have a better understanding. HR can take feedback from the employees regarding the new strategy and the way to implement it. Human Resource(HR) also has the responsibility of helping the leaders and employees understand the strategy and the expectation of the organization.


HR also has to take a huge responsibility if there is a major change; HR has to make a plan in order to execute that change. It has often been seen that HR stops employees from doing certain things though that thing may help the employees to work better and with more efficiency. There are many policies and rules in the organization, but those rules should be followed in such a way that they do not obstruct the achievement of organizational goals. In such a case, HR shall take such decisions, which helps the employees to become more efficient and productive.


Another thing that HR should take care of is the implementation of new technology through which they can automate the HR processes. Such processes include performance appraisals, Human resource Planningholiday approvals, attendance of employees, also conduct different types Of employment leaves and many other such things. This will help HR to reduce overburdening and have free time to focus on other things related to the organization.


5 Ways HR Really Can Impact Business Strategy

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