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What is Cyberspace Recruiting?

What is Cyberspace Recruiting? Under this source of recruiting human resources, the use of computers has become a very important source of job information. Large organizations or those planning to do, a lot of internets recruiting often develops dedicated sites specifically designed for recruitment. They have the typical information you might find in an employment advertisement, qualifications sought, experience required, benefits provided, but they also showcase the organization’s products, services, corporate philosophy, and mission statement.


What is Cyberspace Recruiting


What is Cyberspace Recruiting?

Perhaps no method has ever had as revolutionary an effect on recruitment practices as the Internet. There are respective companies’ websites devoted in some manner to job posting activities. Currently, employers can electronically screen candidates’ soft attributes, direct potential hires to a special website for puncheon skill assessment, conduct background checks over that Internet, interview candidates via video conferencing, and manage the entire process with web-based software.


Companies can be benefited immensely thought cost savings, speed enhancement and extended worldwide candidate reach which the Internet offers. From the job seekers’ perspective, the Internet allows for searches over a broader array of geographic and company posting than was possible before.

Negatives aspects of Internet Recruiting

There are negatives associated with Internet recruiting.

  • For example – broader exposure might result in many unqualified applicants applying for jobs. More resumes need to be reviewed, more e-mails dealt ‘with and specialized applicant tracking software may be needed to handle a large number of applicants.
  • Another problem is that the recruiters are likely to miss our many competent applicants who lack access to the Internet.


Problems notwithstanding, both job givers, as well as job seekers to find the Internet as the most effective source of recruiting and its usage in the days to come, will be all-pervasive.


What is Cyberspace Recruiting

Job Portals.

Craigslist One of the largest job boards.

Indeed Huge job board specializing in low skilled to C level positions.

Monster – Similar to Indeed, Monster is a huge job board.

CareerBuilder – A huge job board that has all sorts of positions available.

Linkedin – Linkedin is a great place for all things related to your career. You can find jobs, reach out to people you’re interested in learning from and more.

In Bangladesh, www.bdjobs.com, www.chakri.com, www.jobsa1.com, and many other computers based job searching portals are working.



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