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What is a Job Interview Definition?

What is a Job Interview definitionThe interview may be defined as a device of gathering and receiving information through face to face meetings between the employer and applicant with a view to make the final selection decision.

Job Interview is a method of face to face communication.
What is a Job Interview Definition
What is a Job Interview Definition

What is a Job Interview Definition?

A board is usually constituted by some expert members. The candidate is invited to attend before the board (along with all certificates and related documents.


A few definitions of Interviews are given below.
  • A somewhat formal discussion between a hirer and an applicant or candidate typically in person; in which information is exchanged, with the intention of establishing the applicant’s suitability’ for a position.
  • A mutual sight or view; a meeting face to face; usually a formal or official meeting for consultation; a conference; as the secretary had an interview with the President.
  • Conservation, or questioning, for the purpose of eliciting information for publication; the published statement so elicited.
  • To have an interview with; to question or converse with, especially for the purpose of obtaining information about the candidate to be selected finally.

Interviews usually take place face-to-face and in person, although by considering modern technologies such as the Internet have enabled conversations to happen in which parties are separated geographically, such as with videoconferencing software, and telephone interviews can happen without visual contact. Interviews almost always involve spoken conversation between two or more parties, although in some instances a “conversation” can happen between two persons who type questions and answers back and forth. The interview was generally was taken by one person. Sometimes, taken by several persons; by several persons sitting together.


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