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Job Analysis Methods

Job Analysis Methods

Job Analysis Methods. These methods may be used by any organization for analyzing job. But all the methods is not used in an organization. It depends on the specific organization.

Job Analysis MethodsThe different methods exist that may be used individually or in combination are as follows:

Review: Under this method, employee clarified jobs are reviewed. The purpose is to ensure that classification is done properly. If it is seen that classification has not been made properly, the analyst provides suggestions to the management to do so appropriate in future.

Expert panels: Experts on different jobs are dependable source of information related to jobs. Under this method of job analysis, a panel of experts is preferred and interviewed whenever necessary. Their opinion may help the analyst to analyze’jobs correctly.

Task inventories: In an organization a number of tasks is performed. These tasks are listed under this method of job analyses. The analyst may select some important and representative tasks for analysis. This can save money, times and effort.

Checklist: Under this method of job analyses some characteristics or criteria are selected and a checklist is prepared. After that these characteristics may be distributed points depending on the degree of selected employees. Only common characteristics are given points.

Open-ended question: This is another accepted method of job analyses. In this method, some questions are set and respondent employees are asked to respond. Multi-dimensional responses come in this method and these tabulation and analyses become difficult on the part of analyst.

Incumbent work logs: This is the last method of job analysis. Employees work logs are collected and necessary information are taken from the log analysis. Analyst should be properly trained up for using this method successfully. The information available in the logbook is dependable and can dealt be with confidence.

Individual interview method: The individual interview method assembles a team of job incumbents for extensive individual interviews. The results of these interviews are combined into a single job analysis.

Group interview: The group interview method is similar to the individual interview method except that job incumbents are interviewed simultaneously.

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