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Steps in Recruitment Process

Steps in Recruitment Process.

There are various steps followed by an organization to recruit qualified employees for the achievement of objectives.

Steps in Recruitment Process


The 5 (Five) top steps are incorporating the Recruitment Process that as follows –

Set Up a Strong Recruitment Team

To establish a better recruitment workflow in the organization, we must form a strong recruitment team. This recruitment team a very significant task because if they take any wrong decision, this output will affect the whole productivity of an organization. Also, the recruitment team may be able to identify the existing vacancy and the essential qualities of an ideal applicant.


Assessment of the job

The first step in the recruitment of employees is a proper assessment of the job. Whether the work is difficult or normal, the experience is required or not. What qualities are needed for work to ‘be done? When the work will be started? All these things are maybe assessed for a job.



After assessment of the job, the candidate seeking department gives requisition of human resources to the top management. After getting the requisition from the departmental heads, top management assesses the proposal and last of all if it is seen reasonable and acceptable, top management issues order for advertisement.


Inviting application

After the assessment of the requisition proposal of vacant jobs, the next step of recruitment is attracting applicants through advertisements. The advertisement includes the name of the position, nature of the work, qualities required for the job, age, educational qualification, experience, expected salary, etc.


Receiving applications

In the advertisement, potentials job candidates are asked to submit their applications along with their resume and other necessary documents. In response to the advertisement, job candidates apply for the vacant positions and human resources or assigned departments to receive the application.


Spot interview

In case of urgent need, some organizations need manpower for implementing plans or strategies. For the purpose, they can not wait for regular recruitment or selection. Organizational managers, under this circumstance, visit the sources of manpower and recruit on the spot.


Steps in Recruitment Process



Fig – Steps in Recruitment Process

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