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Difference between Recruitment and Selection Process

Difference between Recruitment and Selection Process

Difference between Recruitment and Selection. There are some points of difference between recruitment and selection. Through these points we can have clear knowledge about real meaning and their area of operations.



Difference between Recruitment and Selection


Look at the picture and think about the process, You’ll discover clearly what is trying to mean here.


Now, more points of distinctions are highlighting as below –

These points of distinction are shown in the following table –


Recruitment Point of Distinction Selection
It is the process of finding and attracting qualified candidates for the job.


Attraction It is the process of short-listing candidates, assembling and their final hiring decisions.
 It is the initial process.


Process  It is the final process.
 It begins when new recruits are sought and ends when their applications are received


 Time of Start  It begins after the applications are received and ends when hiring decision is made.
 Generally lower level managers deals with recruitment process.


 Level  Mid and top level managers deal  with selection process.
 This process invites the applicants by saying “come”.


 Come/go  This-process tells ‘bye’ to most of applicants.
 The process of Recruitment is positive approach;  i.e. encouraging more and more employees to apply


 Nature of Approach  The process of selection is negative approach; as it involves rejection of the unsuitable candidates.
Recruitment is concerned though tapping the sources of human resources.


 Concern Area Selection is concerned with selecting the best suitable candidate through various interviews and tests.
There is no contract of recruitment established in recruitment.


 Contractual relation Selection results in a contract of service between the employer and the selected employee.
 It is an economical method.


Economy  It is an expensive method.
 Less time is required.


Time estimation  Comparatively, more time required.


Behind these mentioned distinctions , there are so many distinctions between recruitment and selections. Although, these sounds very easy, but difficult to accomplish in real scenario. There are key components as well as process of recruitment and selection techniques. Those process are highly valued and followed by corporate HR people.

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