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Interview Questions from Employer

Interview Questions from Employer.

Here, represent a list of the interview questions for employers that should ask applicants in a job interview. In the previous article regarding Selection Process in Human Resource Management, we mentioned the position of Job interview Now, here we are going to mention common interview questions from an employer.

Interview Questions from Employer

Regarding Personal Information 

1. Describe yourself, please.

2. What is your name?

3. What is the name of your home district?

4. Have any political vision?

5. May I see your resume?

6. What can I do for you?

7. Why are you interested in joining our company?

8. What do you think you can do for us?

9. What attracts you to us?

10. Tell me about your experiences.

11. What pay do you have in mind? (Try tactfully t0 avoid answering this one early in the interview)


Regarding Motivation

12. Why do you want to change your job?

13. What caused you to enter your field?

14. Interest in a job change?

15. Why do you want to change you’re held of work?

16. What is the ideal job for you?

17. If you had complete freedom of choice to be a great success in any job field, which would you choose? Why?


Regarding Education

18. Describe your educational qualifications.

19. Why did you choose your major?

20. What was the condition of your result?

21. What extracurricular. activities did you take part in?

22. What honors did you earn?

23. What were your average grades?

24. Did your grades adequately reflect your full capability? If not, why?

25. What courses did you like best/least and why?

26. Have you had any special training for this kind of Job?


Regarding Experience

27. Why should I hire you?

28. How do you fit the requirements for this job?

29. Who has exercised the greatest influence on you? How?

30. What duties perfumed in the past have you liked best/least and why?

31. What are your greatest strengths/limitations for this job?

32..What are the strongest limitations you have found in your past supervisors?

33. Which supervisor did you like best and why?

34. What kind of people appeal most/least to you as work associates?

35. How many people have you supervised? What types?

36. What are your greatest accomplishments to date?

37. What equipment does canon work on?

38. Why have you changed jobs so frequently?

39. Have you ever been tired or asked to resign?

40. Describe the biggest crisis in your career.

41. What were you doing during the period not covered in your resume?

42. Why were you out of work for a long time?

44. Why did you leave your previous jobs?

45. Could I see samples of your work?


Regarding Pay

46. What do you require?

47. What is the minimum pay you will accept?

48. What is your payment record for the last five years?

49. Why do you believe you are qualified for so much more?

50. We can’t pay the Salary you ask for?

51. Would you be willing to start lower and work towards that figure?

52. What do you expect to be earning five years from now?


Interview Questions from Employer

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