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What Are Some Types of Pre-Employment Tests?

What Are Some Types of Pre-Employment TestsIn general, testing is finding out how well something works. In terms of human beings, testing tells what are the level of knowledge or skill has been acquired. listing is used at checkpoints in the overall selection process to. determine whether objectives are being met Candidates whose application blanks come up to a certain standard Le. reveal semi amount of suitability are then asked to go through some tests Tests have been defined W narrow sense as a sample of an aspect of an individual’s behavior, performance or attitude in simple language test may be defined as a systemic procedure for forecasting behavior of an individual by sampling it on the basis of his relations to particular situation real or artificial.


What Are Some Types of Pre-Employment Tests?

What Are Some Types of Pre-Employment Tests


What Are Some Types of Pre-Employment Tests?

To select people, the following tests are conducted in different good organizations both public and private sectors. It does not mean that all tests are followed in one organization rater a number of tests are followed at different times depending on the number of recruits, time available, cost and the like.


A few tests are discussed below:

Written Test:

Written tests historically have served as significant input into the selection decisions. There has been renewed interest in written tests since those that have been validated can aid significantly in the acquisition of efficient and effective workers.


Achievement Test:

It is known by the test whether they are capable enough to achieve the organizational target.


Intelligent Test:

The employee 3 intelligence level Is determined here. Under the matter, Various types of test have been developed by many organizations.


Performance Test:

Whether the employee performs well or not that can be measured with this test method. if it is seen that there is a high possibility ‘of performance selection decision may be taken.


Honesty or polygraph (lie detector) Test:

The use of a lie detector for verifying information on the application form can only be used for specific jobs, such as police officer or federal agents.


Aptitude Test:

Whether the employee is interested in the job or not can be determined by this test. If it is seen that they have a high interest in the job they are selected.


Psychological Test:

The psychology of the employee is determined. Through this test. All the employees may not have favorable psychological support for the job.


Graphology (handwriting analysis) Test:

It has been said that. an individual’s handwriting can suggest the degree of energy, inhibitions and ‘spontaneity to be found in the write, disclosing idiosyncrasies and elements of balance and control from which many personality characteristics can be inferred.


Physical Test:

To identify the physical father’s eligibility to perform the assigned duties


Personality Test:

Through this tent strictness to the goat set decision taken, rules establish, etc. is determined. it’s a psychology test.


What Are Some Types of Pre-Employment Tests?


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