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Business Loan Rejection By Money Lender Is Not A Dead End

Business Loan Rejection By Money Lender Is Not A Dead End.

It is unwise to consider it to be the end of the road and the world when a moneylender rejects your loan application. Staying positive and being optimistic is the key to getting a loan and paying it off as well on time. If you know about the money market and the lending process, different sources and your available options then obtaining a loan will not be a difficult job at all.


Business Loan Rejection By Money Lender Is Not A Dead End


Business Loan Rejection By Money Lender Is Not A Dead End

Thanks to the liberal lending policy of present times, a person having a very low income may also avail a loan, albeit for a low amount, at a low or even no interest at all. The concept of money lending has changed dramatically over the years and modern money lenders are far better than Shylock, the famous merchant of Venice that wanted a pound of Antonio’s flesh for non-payment.


Modern money lenders and even the banks are not so ruthless and you do not have to hire attorneys like Portia to find clever ways to escape such penalties. You can now talk to your creditor about your financial condition during your hardships and they will come up with several alternative options for clearing off your debt. The modern money market relies heavily on loans and credit, two of the main supporting pillars of a nation’s economy.


Therefore, you have a lot of doors to knock when you find a few doors of a few money lenders closing on your face. As it is said, when one door closed God opens a few more, it is also true in this modern money lending market.


Know the reasons.

It is really sad when your loan gets rejected as your expectations and dreams are shattered. However, if you know about the reasons for such rejections just as you know about the loans, you will be able to rectify the situation and make proper plans so that you can once again apply some time either through Liberty Lending or any other.


The time is an important factor for your loan application getting rejected. A loan may or may not be offered to you for a “term,” which is the length of time over which you will have to repay it. This loan tenure can be 3 years or even 30 years depending on the type of the loan you take, the lending policy of the creditor, your ability to repay the loan and lots of other factors.


A credit card offers you ‘revolving’ loans. That means you can borrow whenever you want by swiping it as many times you want and repay it within the stipulated time limit which can be as short as 30 to 45 days. Yes, it is in days and the rate of interest for credit card loans is the highest. All loans for shorter terms will usually have very high monthly bills for payments. Business Loan Rejection By Money Lender Is Not A Dead End.


If you do not have the ability to carry on debt for this specific time the creditor may refuse to grant you a loan.



Other Reasons for Rejection.

There are a few other reasons for loan rejection by your creditor such as:

  • Your loan can also be rejected if you have missed your earlier payments and it is mentioned in your credit report. The creditor may anticipate a similar situation in the future, especially if it is a long term loan, and thereby reject your loan application.
  • If there is any mention in your credit report about an overdue payment of 60 days or more then the creditor will also be cautious about your loan application, especially if there was any debt collection activity on your account.
  • If the creditor thinks that you may struggle to make payments for your new loan after meeting with all your expenses, previous debt obligations and exigencies it may cancel your loan application as well.
  • If the creditor finds out from your bank statements furnished with your loan application that you do not have enough savings or assets to prove that you can afford to carry on with the debt and make the monthly repayments, then also your loan application will be canceled.


Remember that the lender must abide by the law of the state and must lend money responsibly and never lend money to anyone knowing that the credit of the person is unsuitable for a fresh loan. Therefore, when your loan application is rejected rest assured that there is no personal grudge of the lender with you but in fact, there is something wrong in your credit report. It must be reviewed by you and rectified as well to increase your future loan obtaining potential. Business Loan Rejection By Money Lender Is Not A Dead End.


Improve Your Chances of obtaining a loan.

In order to improve your chances of obtaining a loan in the future from a bank and other financial organizations according to the consumer credit regulation, you must now follow strategic steps to improve your credit.

  • Get a free copy of your credit report and check for any wrong entries. If there is nay make a formal complaint and get it rectified. If you find all are perfect but your credit, work out ways in which you can build a better credit history.
  • Reduce your existing debts by prioritizing your debts and clear it off one by one starting with the one that has the lowest amount due. As for the others make sure that you make the minimum amount due so that it does not hurt your damaged credit any further.
  • Create a proper budget and stick to it closely. Cut short expenses that you can do without for the time being to create some savings to clear off your debts. This will also show your credit provider that you have the intent and ability to make repayments on your future loans.
  • Reorganize all your existing debts and look for chances of consolidating and refinancing so that you can shrink your debts. Visit reliable sites such as Liberty Lending or others to know more about the terms and conditions of such debts before you take one.

In case you are unsure, seek help from a reputed financial counselor.



Business Loan Rejection By Money Lender Is Not A Dead End


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