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Making Your Organization or Factory an Ideal One

Making your organization or factory an ideal one. An ideal organization or factory is the which one, which can conveniently produce high-quality products or provide the best service at higher productivity and competitively lower cost and thus achieves the organizational goal through consistent customer satisfaction, employee empowerment and social responsibility.

Making your Organization or Factory an Ideal one

Characteristics of An Ideal Factory

An ideal organization or factory has essentially the following characteristics:

  1. It is committed to and can consistently satisfy customers by fulfilling their requirements.
  2. It continuously improves products and services to satisfy the increased requirements of customers.
  3. It consistently remains profitable.
  4. Is considers its employees as the most valuable assets, take care of them.
  5. It pursues a policy of excellent employee-management relationships.
  6. It pursues a policy of employee empowerment by allowing them in the decision making the process.
  7. It pursues a policy of foolproof employee safety against accidents and hazards.
  8. It pursues a policy of continuous employee training to attain the necessary skills and workmanship.
  9. It ensures employee career growth, development, and recognition of positive work and achievement.
  10. Its recruitment policy is based on equal opportunity and solely relies on personal suitability like education, training, skill, etc.
  11. It pursues a policy of providing long term benefits to the employee such as provident funds, gratuity, etc.
  12. It pursues long term strategies in respect of the business, investment, capital budgeting, human resource development, etc.
  13. It must have barrier less communication with the employee.
  14. It must have barrier less communication with suppliers and customers.
  15. It must comply with labor laws, code of conduct, human rights, and environmental regulations.
  16. It must have personnel, production, quality, and maintenance management system so as to ensure the best quality and highest productivity.
  17. The good organization ensures profits sharing with the employees and providing others benefits as per organization policy.
  18. They are socially responsible and contribute to socio-economic developments.
  19. An ideal organization essentially has motivated manpower upon which it fosters.



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