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Importance of Human Resource Policies

Importance of Human Resource Policies. Every organization should have human resource policies as they ensure the following benefits.  An owner of any institution or Human resources department or any type of organization publishes a set of rules and instructions by which all employees within an organization must follow these.


Importance of Human Resource Policies

The listed or general implemented policies typically include how and when workers and staff are paid, benefit eligibility and system, company dress code or set by rule, disciplinary policies and attendance expectations. Every Business should have clearly mentioned and drafted policies to set up workplace or workstation standards that can be consistently enforced by human resource professionals.


Importance of Human Resource Policies

Thoughts of Management

The work involved in formulating human resource policies requires that the management give deep thought to the basic needs of both the organization and the employees the management must examine its basic convictions as well as give full consideration to the .prevailing practices in other organizations.


Consistent Treatment

Established human resource policies ensure consistent treatment of all human resources throughout the organization. Therefore favoritism and discrimination are minimized.


Continuity of Action

Continuity of action-is assured even though top management human resource change. The manager of a company may possess a very sound human resource management philosophy. The tenure of office of any manger is finite. But the organization continues. Policies promote stability.


Standard of Performance

Human resource policies serve as a standard of performance. Actual results can be compared with the policy to determine how well the members of the organization are living up to the professed intentions.


Employee Motivation

Sound human resource policies help build employee motivation and loyalty. This is especially true where the policies reflect established principles of fair play and justice and where they help people grow within the organization.


Resolving Conflict

Sound human resource policies help resolve interpersonal, interpersonal and intergroup conflicts. Basically, corporate-level jobs from complex structures due to inter-conflict inside the departmental environment. Sometimes, there might have basic guidelines from human resource professionals to resolving conflict. There may have some well-organized companies who provide basic jobs related instructions called service books to their employees. From this perspective, employees are getting better instructions to cope up with the environment in an easy manner.


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