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Why Do You Want to Join the Bank? – BBALectures

Why Do You Want to Join the Bank?

Why Do You Want to Join the Bank? Banking profession; a challenging career. people are not same in their quality and competence. They also are not indifferent to all the careers in society. Because all the careers are not equally suitable. In the age of modern science and technology our economy also grows fast day by day.


Why Do You Want to Join the Bank


By this time Banking has become a demanding and challenging job or career. Because in age of globalization our economy is expanding; business and trade are also expanding.


So, as a career Banking has turned into a challenging career for a job seeker. As a career it has both advantages and disadvantages. Bankers work in the bank from dawn to dusk. Although there is a time schedule of their duties, they do some extra work out of their work. As a banker is to deal with financial affair he is supposed to be more punctual and disciplined. He mainly looks after other deposited money and deals with a lot of people.


So, any kind of irresponsibility of a banker may result into great chaos and crisis in the bank. Thus, business, discipline, sincerity may and punctuality are inevitable virtues of a banker. Although bankers belong to middle class in they have honor and simplicity in life. They never suffer from greed. However bankers live on limited salary and the scope of affluence in their life is very limited.


Some point of view that should be treated as the factors for choosing banking career –

  • Career Growth
  • Good Salary
  • Job Stability
  • Challenging Job
  • Fixed Job Timings

Accountability, transfer ability are the precondition of Banking career. Nowadays public or private universities are providing a large number at graduate candidates who are choosing banking profession as a challenging career. To deal with Banking career every candidate has to prepare himself/herself properly so that his/her managerial skills attract clients. Time to time, in this career a person has to take different kinds of managerial training. Then every person will face the challenges of banking career easily.


Why Do You Want to Join the Bank


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