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Benefits of Human Resources Planning

Benefits of Human Resources Planning

Benefits of Human Resources Planning. By formulating a well-conceived Human Resources Planning (HRP), some benefits can be accrued by the organization as well as by the human resource management.  These benefits can be summarized in the following points:

Better view of business decision

Upper management has a better view of the human resource dimensions of business decisions. Benefits of Human Resources Planning directing optimum business process view to management people to take further decision for expanding the business operation.

Minimum Cost

HR costs may be lower because management can anticipate imbalances before they become unmanageable and expensive. 

Anticipated Talent

More time is available to locate talent because needs are anticipated and identified before the actual staffing is required. Talent pool recruiting and selection process lead to company’s ideology to sustain longer. 

Management Development

Proper Human Resources Planning (HRP) can ensure the development of managers through proper training programs. There are several types of training session generally implemented through human resources planning.

Improved Utilization

Human Resources Planning (HRP) improves the methods of utilization of human resources of an organization. 

Economy in Hiring

Effective HR Planning (HRP) can set a system of hiring human resource for the organization with minimum cost and efforts. So, economy in hiring is another biggest benefits of human resource planning. 

Information Base

Human Resources Planning (HRP) helps in expanding the human resource management information base to assist other human resource activities and other organizational units.


‘Coordination of different human resource management programs and activities is possible .with the help of a well-established HR Planning (HRP).

Technological Change

Rapid technological changes make Human Resources Planning (HRP) more important as the demand for new skills is increasing. By this technological changes , Human Resources Information System ( HRIS ) on demand. Now a days, through this integrated Human Resources Information System ( HRIS ) multi way dimensional tasks are fixing in corporate arena. For maintaining attendance system, tracking recruiting system , developing selection criteria, coordinate and develop organizational system as well as policy, supporting on payroll systems, supporting on employees final settlement and so many areas are covered by Human Resources Information System ( HRIS ). Out of many benefits of Human Resources Planning , proper Human Resources Planning helps a lot to develop  Human Resources Information System ( HRIS )

Reduction of Wastage

Proper manpower policy will reduce wastage rate. There are two types of wastage – a. voluntary (marriage, pregnancy, immigration, early retirement) and b. incidental (death, retirement and dismissal). 

Corporate Asset

Manpower planning stresses the value of human resources as corporate assets

Gradual Growth

Interest in manpower planning is increasing because the size of the organization is gradually increasing. If human resource manger makes a good plan all activities are expected to be performed timely and properly and then organization may be benefited in many Ways.


Benefits of Human Resources Planning

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