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Job Specification Definition and Meaning

Job Specification Definition and Meaning.

The specification takes the job description and answers the question, what human traits and experience are required to do this job well. It shows what kind of person to recruit and for what qualities that person should be tested. The job specification may be a separate section on the job description or a separate document entirely; often it is presented on the back of the job description.

Job specification can be defined as a set of physical and mental qualities and skills and experience of an employee which are required for the performance of assignments for the satisfaction of organization and individuals.  

Job Specification Definition and Meaning


Job Specification Definition and Meaning



Scholars Definition on Job specification

The following authors have defined Job specification

According to DeCenzo and Robbins 

“The job specification states the minimum acceptable human qualifications. the incumbent must possess to perform the job successfully”.

According to Edwin B. Flippo –

“A job specification is a statement of minimum acceptable human qualities necessary to perform a job properly”.


According to Centro –

“Job specification is defined as the characteristics of the individual who should be hired to perform a specific task or job”.


The section on job specifications provides information to determine the worth of a job. This section defines the knowledge and skills demands make on the incumbent and the physical-emotional conditions under which the incumbent must work. The design of the job specification section and the information it provides relates to the kind of job evaluation plan used by the organization. Nominally, job specifications are part of the job descriptions when an organization uses a compassable factor based job evaluation plan.


Job description and Job specification practices

Job Specification Definition and Meaning


Job description and Job specification practices are different in varies areas of work. some of these are discussed below –


Laboratory Assistant.

Laboratory assistants are responsible for performing a wide variety of research laboratory tasks and experiments, making detailed observations, analyzing data and interpreting results. He or she maintains laboratory equipment and inventory levels for laboratory supplies. He or she may also write reports, summaries, and protocols regarding experiments. A laboratory assistant also performs limited troubleshooting and calibration of instruments. An entry-level laboratory assistant position requires at minimum an associate degree in a science and 0 to 2 Years laboratory experience.


Station Manager.

The chief operating officer of the station. The station manager must have effective personnel management skills and a thorough knowledge of all aspects of broadcast operation.


Studio Engineers.

Responsible for operating all of the equipment necessary for the production of a program. This includes the studio cameras, the audio console, studio lighting, the video switcher, and in some stations, the character generator and the electronic still-storage graphics display equipment.



Job Specification Definition and Meaning.

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