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What is Promotion ? Definition and Meaning

What is Promotion? Definition and Meaning. It is given to that employee who proves them highly qualified or deserves it. It is of motivation as well as reward. When an employee works with his full effort and makes good result he is rewarded with it.


What is Promotion ? Definition and Meaning

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What is Promotion? Definition and Meaning

But on the other hand, when an employee gets the promotion, the method considers himself an important work part of the organization and that’s why he tries to do more good than before.

A promoted employee receives higher designation gets power, honor with various basic opportunities like habitation, transportation, higher salary, more luxurious and comfortable life. So, it is a technique to utilize the skills, ability, and experience of the employees in a fruitful way. We can say that shifting the employees.


What is Promotion ? Definition and Meaning

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Scholars Definition

‘Promotion’ means the employee. present position to a higher position. More clearly it is the movement to the higher position where more responsibility and more power exist with more opportunity. In the higher position, salaries, duties response everything increased is as well as employees enjoy independence.

Different scholars define this term, in various ways from various angles. The definitions of some scholars are given below.

According to Edwin B. Flippo, “A promotion involves a change from one job to another that is better in terms of status and responsibility”.

According to Chruden and Sherman, “A promotion involves a change of assignment from a job of a lower level to one of a higher level within the organization”.

According to Dale Yoder, “Promotion is defined as a movement to a position in which responsibility and prestige are increased.”

According to Pigors and Myers, “Promotion is the advancement of an employee to a better job, better in terms of greater responsibilities, more prestige arid status, greater skill and specially increased of pay or salary. “


From the above definition, it is clear that. it is a process, which ensures more opportunity responsibility, more salary than the present position.

Simply it indicates the involvement of 3R’s that refer to rank, responsibility, and remuneration.

There is another kind of promotion where the salary or remuneration does not increase, that is called dry promotion. But it does not decrease the importance of it.


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