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Top Qualities To Look For When Hiring Restaurant Employees

Top Qualities To Look For When Hiring Restaurant Employees. 

For your hotel and restaurant business to success, you need qualified and skilled hospitality employees. Remember that in this industry, customer satisfaction is a priority, so make sure to hire employees who will provide the best customer experience at all times.


But finding these kinds of people can be a challenging task, even in the recruitment process. Besides, only a few people are born friendly and too willing to give other people a great time. But to help you hire the best hospitality employees, here are seven qualities you must look for in each hospitality job applicant.


Top Qualities To Look For When Hiring Restaurant Employees.


Upholds extraordinary work standards

Working in a hotel and restaurant can be tough. This means running around all day. Add demanding clients to the list and you know that your employees must be extraordinary. So make sure to hire applicants who possess a strong attitude towards their work.


It is crucial that they know exactly what they are applying for – and it is your job, as the employer, to give them a real preview of what is happening in the hospitality industry. For instance, inform your restaurant waitstaff that they will be standing on their feet for their entire shift and going back and forth with trays loaded hot plates and beverages all day.


It is vital for you to emphasize how physically demanding this industry can be to prevent misguided expectations and premature departures. The hiring process is a lengthy, daunting and costly one, so you must hire only applicants with great work standards. Whenever possible, incorporate at least two days spent gathering hands-on experience in your hiring process.


Good listener

Listening to what the customer says is crucial, especially if your business caters to people speaking different languages. Hire someone who knows how to listen not only with their two ears but with their entire body, and is quick to interpret and take action on what is being said.
Today, there are various ways to assess a jobseeker’s listening ability. Some examples are placing the employee in real-life job scenarios and having them take a personality test.


Excellent communicator

Clear verbal communication is as important as listening well. This does not only pertain to language fluency; most importantly, the employee must speak clearly, present a friendly face, and look at their customers in the eye at all times.


Testing can be performed in several ways. A personality test can provide you with crucial insights regarding the character of every applicant. Running Situational Judgment Testing (SJT) will also help you assess how they can deal with different customer behavior types. In addition, an English Language skill test can be of great help if you want all your employees to become proficient in English.


Able to multitask

In a hotel or restaurant, employees may need to perform two or more things simultaneously. For instance, a receptionist may need to pick up the phone, cancel a booking, and speak with a complaining guest in front of her all at the same time. So it is important that you hire someone who is capable of effectively performing multiple tasks. Again, running SJT is a good way to assess this.



Though all types of businesses must treat their customers like kings, this is even more important in the hospitality industry. Your customers must always enjoy their meals and drinks, accommodation, or holiday. Frustrations and disappointments are a big no-no in this industry.


Aim to hire people who treat each customer’s interest as their priority, regardless of what time of day it is. They must find fulfillment in ensuring that their customers are always satisfied.


High tolerance to stress

Working with different kinds of personalities can be too stressful. Hiring Restaurant Employees who can deal efficiently with stressful situations.

For instance, they must be capable of dealing with customers shouting at receptionists or a child who does not stop crying. Keep in mind that if your staff reacts emotionally to the situation, your customers will become more stressed and angry. Also, these scenarios are common in a hotel or restaurant business. So if an applicant cannot deal with constant stress, it may be best to move on to something else.



In today’s high-tech world, every business makes use of different kinds of tech innovations, from social media to computers to robotic technology. As such, it would be better to hire employees who are familiar with and comfortable with using technology. They must easily adapt to the ever-changing world.


Finding great hospitality employees can be challenging, but if you keep these important qualities in mind, you may find it easier to hire the people who can help ensure the success of your hotel and restaurant business.


Remember, though, that not all people will possess every characteristic, but being aware of what you are looking for is a huge advantage. Of course, the more of these valuable qualities that a candidate has, the higher the chances that he is a great fit for your business.


Top Qualities To Look For When Hiring Restaurant Employees

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