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Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips

Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips.

People in the marketing business are clearly aware of the fact that not all SMS based marketing campaigns are created with equal notifications. There are some noted companies in the market which are completely integrating the SMS marketing right into the current business strategy. Then you have others, who might check this out to be a side project and nothing more than that.


Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips
Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips

Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips

As per a survey as procured from Scan Life, around 89% of the costumers are known to use the help of their smartphones to shop. Around 64% of the Americans are known to own smartphones as per the survey in 2015. Given this stated fact, which company do you think will be the one with a more successful marketing campaign for now?

In case, you are completely on board with the idea of SMS marketing, then some tips and suggestions might lead the best way you could have possibly asked for. It can further maximize the current success rate to an all-new level for sure. Some companies are offering text messaging service for non-profits and you can work out on that as well. Just be sure to know more about the options and get things right for now.


Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips


Leading on with the best SMS marketing team for now.

Remember to note the point that larger SMS marketing campaigns are not to be DIY in any form or shape or even way. You are always in need of various skilled professionals in this regard to get the most out of this present marketing strategy. One or quite a few people might have filled several of such roles but you are in need of some experts in particular.

  • You need a team comprising of SMS marketing program experts, coordinators for any on on-location signage, retail expert, social media pros, digital creative designers, ROI and discount budget based analyst and a promotion specialist, to name a few.
  • It is always mandatory to coordinate these areas. As the SMS timeline is getting all the more immediate in nature, it is always important for the marketing team to work in a rather close manner and also communicate well abut strategies, plans, and execution.
  • If you have a complete SMS team by your side, chances are high that you might be reaping greater benefits from the effective based marketing strategies now.


Make a way to know your customers better.

You have no other option but to know your customers well if you really want to be a pro in SMS based marketing strategy and campaign for now. For that, you are always invited to use the help of CRM or Customer Relationship Management app for measuring the success of the said messages down the line. For some more valid information on the best ever CRMs that the market has to offer, you can head onto the ultimate guide available online.

  • For the first and primary stage, you have to analyze the purchase history and even the location-based demographics in areas. It will help you to send the right message across the table to proper and potential customers.
  • For example, if you are associated with the cosmetics line, do not send any anti-wrinkle based cream couple to a twenty-year-old woman. Moreover, you cannot send a couple to anyone living in Boston when the offer is valid for the Houston store! These small details are always to be kept in your mind.
  • Make sure to segment the clients based on their targeted promotions. For that, you might have to send the bulk messages for the generalized sales and even promotions, which anyone can take full advantage of.


Be sure to clear out your messages.

Always remember that you have around 160 characters to express your thoughts and the entire message right. You have limitations when it comes to expressing your thoughts to potential clients or customers. So, try to do it in less than that if you possibly can. Remember that the message you put out in the plate needs to be concise and clear and written proficiently in plain and simple English. No one will understand Shakespearean language so better avoid that. On the other hand, you need to work your way out in avoiding emoticons, abbreviations and all caps. Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips.

Avoid using any of the open-ended messages as that’s the last thing your readers want in their inboxes. For example, an open-ended message is that one inviting clients to sale but fails to determine the time when the sale ends. Here, the client will have no idea if the sale is for a day or a month. By providing a specified date whenever the sales end or just putting an expiration date on the coupon, clients are over here to act because you have provided them with enough incentive and information.


Time for the CTA buttons.

CTA or the call-to-action helps in increasing the area in customer engagement right with the SMS based marketing texts. That is what you might have wanted from them, which is to be engaged. It is a great way to just value the texts that you care to send, to read, interact and even act on the same.

Some examples of CTA messages will help you learn about it better.

  • Show this text: It will ask the customers to show the text to earn a discount, which is a clearer way to get them thoroughly engaged in a promotion.
  • Click here: A classic CTA example, it is perfect if you don’t have enough space left in the SMS marketing campaign. You might be hosting an event and want to add a link to video or map. So, the Click Here button will provide that link to the necessary details.
  • Text-To-Vote: It is a way to engage customers in mobile polling ideas to find out how the company is doing in terms of product quality, service, prices and more.

Always get in good terms with the SMS marketing experts to host the perfect campaign. They are always down to help you in big ways possible.

Time To Leverage The Power Of SMS Marketing Noteworthy Tips


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