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Knowing the challenges In Each Stage Of UI Or UX Staffing

UI Or UX Meaning. UX is User Experience. UX design is still a relatively new field, with many companies only just waking up to the fact that they need someone on their payroll if they want to succeed in attracting and retaining customers. UI is the User Interface. A user interface is like a joke. If you have to explain it, it’s not that good.

There are specific ways to follow in which you can find the best UI and UX talent to ensure that you create and execute the best digital transformation plan.


Knowing the challenges In Each Stage Of UI Or UX Staffing



This is a strategy that must be strategically planned as follows.

  • More often than not it must start at the top with the C-level team of your company and
  • It then should filter down through the entire organization.


Many times it is noticed that these strategies are not effective. This is simply due to the fact that:

  • These are not accompanied by the specifically set goals of the company and at the same time
  • The milestones to achieve are not properly marked to ensure the success of the company.

Knowing the challenges In Each Stage Of UI Or UX Staffing

One such goal to set is the UX staffing process when you want to support your digital transformation plan. In order to ensure that you get the desired positive outcomes along with the improvement of the chances to have increased profitability, you will need to have the following:

  • Clear communication and
  • Proper alignment of it around your set goals.


This is the most significant factor to consider when it comes to the creation and execution of a better UI or UX hiring strategy.

According to the strategy, the following things are required.

  • It is required to provide guidance regarding the projects around the team’s effectiveness, understanding and goals and that should come from the top.
  • It is required by the UI or UX hiring managers to clearly define the talent required for the specific digital transformation project.
  • In addition to that, it is also required to make sure that the talent hired understands the relationship and needs of the work they are performing with the overall digital transformation strategy of the company.

The bottom line to this is that if you want to have a profitable digital transformation then you should not only focus on the fact that a top-down strategy is followed but you must ensure that you understand the view from the vantage point and perspective of a UI or UX hiring manager. Knowing the challenges In Each Stage Of UI Or UX Staffing.


Need For Digital Maturity

Experts say that digital maturity is essential for any company in this modern world as it translates into the financial growth of the company. This link between digital maturity and profitability of a company is in fact corroborated by the recent survey report of the digital readiness of one thousand companies by Bain & Company which makes its need even stronger. Knowing the challenges In Each Stage Of UI Or UX Staffing.

They say:

  • Revenues for the companies that are digitally mature are 14% more as compared to those that are not
  • Those companies that are slow to mature digitally showed less than half of such growth and
  • The profit margins seen by digitally mature companies were about 83%.


Since the slow to start or the non-starters are deprived of such gains, it is clear from these facts that it is essential to make early investments in a robust and carefully planned digital transformation strategy.


However, the role of the talent hiring strategy is also very important in this success. This is because a staggering 32% of companies reported that they found hiring employees with the desired digital skills is perhaps the biggest challenge to them in ensuring digital transformation.

Stage by Stage Analysis

In this modern digital stage, it can be really challenging when it comes to staffing up a team, if not paralyzing. However, there are specific ways in which such confusion can be removed.

The first step is to define each of the stages clearly.

  • This will ensure a better understanding of where you are, what you need and what you can deploy as the best practices of hiring a dedicated and knowledgeable UI or UX team.
  • When you know your current digital stage, it, in turn, will take you to the next level of digital transformation.


You will also be able to build a long term hiring plan when you move through each of the stages when you are well familiar with your goals as well as the experiences of each of these stages.

  • The first significant step involves initiating. At this stage, it is required to ensure that you have the proper digital marketing technology and expertise to make foundation and crucial decisions regarding customer journey and ways to beat the competition to provide the best experience. This stage involves architecture, timeline, UX, design vision, specific milestones, and project order. Balancing the right mix of internal resource capabilities with external resources and vice versa to maintain continuity of digital asset implementation is the key at this stage.
  • Innovating a key process or digital asset is the next stage where C-suite scrutiny is typical for all high priority projects. Proper scrutiny will result in revenue improvement, cost reduction, leveraging IoT or Internet of Things, and machine learning initiatives. All these require different skill-sets which can be a calling by it along with the balancing of internal business experience with collaborative behaviors to make this initiative reality and result-driven.
  • Integrating is the next stage when the digital assets mature. The key processes here are merging precedence along with the legacy systems integration with the new platforms. Disparate data sources must be created with perfect alignment with the business functions. The difficulty to overcome at this level includes maneuvering the strict technical limitations and complying with data sovereignty rules. Architecting and developing solutions are required to make by the IT teams, front-end developers, functional leaders, and divisional business leaders to provide seamless experiences across all platforms which are the most common pain point apart from the under budgeting of time, money and effort factors. Knowing the challenges In Each Stage Of UI Or UX Staffing.


Inheriting and maintaining is the last stage to consider while building new digital platforms and systems. However, solutions developed at this stage may be the first draft or minimum viable products that need special UI or UX for complete designing and implementation. The main challenge here is the knowledge transfer of architecture, design decisions, coding standards, and limitations between the originating and inheriting team thereby raising the total cost of ownership of the solution.

Knowing the challenges In Each Stage Of UI Or UX Staffing


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