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Hire Accounting Staff through Staffing Agency

Hire Accounting Staff through Staffing Agency.

For the overall success of a company, accounting or finance responsibilities and the team managing them are the most important. It becomes very challenging for the company to hire employees having a perfect amalgam of technical skills, competencies, and accounting software experience.

Hire Accounting Staff through Staffing Agency


Hire Accounting Staff through Staffing Agency


Following are some points that need to be taken care of while hiring the staff –

Avoid rushing the hiring process –

Losing a member of the accounting staff by resignation, termination, or leave becomes a big deal for the company. This makes the companies panic and the only solution they see is rushing the hiring process which brings in bigger problems. For hiring a good batch of people, you require time and patience. Rushing may lead to the entry of not so capable individuals and that may have long-term consequences.


Embracing a Temporary Placement –

The most critical situation that occurs for the companies is the time when they are not able to find a perfect fit. They can either rely on a temporary employee but this works only if the temporary employee comes in easily with negligible training and take the processes and company moving forward.


Breaking away from the traditional hiring processes –

People usually go for those who are actually seeking a job that is being offered. But at times, passive candidates turn out to be better than those who are looking for the job. To be on the safer side, it is better to have a pool of candidates before its actual need. Hence, it is advisable to keep an active database of skilled accounting professionals and one should update it regularly.


Planning for the future –

Once you have the perfect set of accounting staff with you, it sometimes becomes a tricky job to structure your Accounting Staffing Agency. Moreover, you can also work with an outside staffing specialist for guiding you through the process of identifying the type of role that will lead you towards success. This may have different meanings. Sometimes for only technical support, at other times they may be benefiting from outsourcing than hiring or they might require someone with a different level of experience than the original requirement given.


Outsource for greater return –

Outsourcing the staff needs results in better hires for a number of reasons. Experience is a must in identifying the specific skills suited to your new hire. A consultant may help in developing job descriptions and interview questions. These accurately reflect the work and ultimately attract the best lot of people for your company.


Some key points to be taken care of while hiring –

  1. Adopting a formal hiring process without bad candidates is one of the processes that make things simpler. The process should be a step by step one and have such a structure that will make it easier.
  2. You can train candidates earlier than the actual interview by phone or video interviews. This serves as a major weeding process for those who have great looking resumes but are practically weak. Formal interviews should be saved for those whom you are sure to be employees someday.
  3. Using references effectively is the most important point but employers generally skip it because they are not clear regarding the questions they want to ask.


A recent study regarding the most in-demand technical and soft skills for the accounting and finance sector identified the following skills –

  1. Technical accounting
  2. Internal audit
  3. Financial planning and analysis
  4. Regulatory reporting
  5. US Securities and Exchange Commission reporting


The top soft skills required by the employers are –

  1. Problem-solving and analytical thinking
  2. Initiative and drive
  3. Team player
  4. Written and verbal communication skills


The lack of qualifies candidates in the market has led to the “war on talent”.

Companies should act quickly to ensure that they have proper steps to not only attract top talent but also place all employees for growth and success. In the end, what needs to be done is that you use the current employees as a resource, turning up to a recruiting firm and moving forward with the process of hiring as soon as possible. Staffing Agency.

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