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10 Free Or Almost Free Ways to Market Your Small Business and Build Your Brand

10 Free Or Almost Free Ways to Market Your Small Business and Build Your Brand.

Free Ways to Market Your Small Business

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It’s inevitable that as an entrepreneur, you’ll have to invest money, time, and effort into your business. Success isn’t achievable overnight, and you have to work hard to achieve your goals. However, you also have to be wise in spending both of your tangible and intangible resources.

10 Free Or Almost Free Ways to Market Your Small Business and Build Your Brand

When it comes to money, you may have enough cash to fund your business and its operations. Remember not to overspend and be prudent in using it for things like marketing and building your brand.

Regarding marketing, this typically includes advertising, promotions, and strengthening public relations.  Your budget lies in the size of your company, and the average cost takes up 1% of your sales. Some companies spend more than 1%. When it comes to building your brand, go with a realistic amount of money and know the crucial factors.

If you don’t want to use a lot of cash on marketing and brand building, here are ten practical ways that will cost you the minimum amount of money, or cost you nothing at all. Assess which strategies will work best for your business and plan for its proper implementation.


10 Free Ways to Market Your Small Business and Build Your Brand

Start a giveaway

Who doesn’t love free stuff? Attract potential customers by hosting a giveaway contest through your social media accounts. A promo will generate interest among social media users, even those who haven’t heard of your company before.

Make your giveaway as attractive as possible, mainly for potential clients. Give away useful products to those who will participate in the contest, but you don’t necessarily have to spend a lot of cash on this. Have the participants share your giveaway post, and offer incentives for those who do, like an extra prize.

You can rely on shared posts for publicity, or you can also spend on sponsored posts. After the contest, don’t forget to follow-up on those who participated in it and those who’ve expressed interest in your business. Following up on people can help you acquire more clients for your company.


Ask your customers for reviews or feedback

If you provide excellent services and products, there will undoubtedly be clients who have something good to say about your business. Reach out to your clients and ask them for their honest opinions. Post these testimonials on your website or social media accounts so that other people can see it.


Let your customers see real people

Some established companies rely on their familiar logo because people can readily identify them. However, it’s also good to let your clients take a look at the people in your company. As a CEO, people can get intimidated by your title. Let them know that you’re approachable because your presence can affect your company’s reputation.

Create videos that show you and your team working together, so your clients can also see your hard work in building up your company. You can hire a professional for this, or have someone on your company make the video. Make sure that the video doesn’t show you as someone who’s aloof, but reveal to them that you’re trustworthy, and let them see how much you care for your employees and your company.

Free Ways to Market Your Small Business.

Let SEO do the work for you

Nowadays, people use the internet to find stuff. They type in a keyword and Google will provide them with sites. Don’t get left behind and get a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) expert and upgrade your website. Investing in SEO will have long-lasting benefits, marketing-wise.


Utilize email marketing

If you want to reach out first, email marketing is the thing for you. It’s a cost-efficient way to let your customers know about your latest products and promos. However, don’t annoy your clients by sending an email every day. They will eventually get annoyed and mark your emails as spam, rendering your emails useless.


Use social media to help build your brand

Social media is a powerful force that you should use to your advantage. From 0.97 billion users in 2010, it has grown to 2.26 billion in 2017. The population of active social media users continually grows each year and is expected to reach 3.02 billion in 2021. Through social media, your brand will get a wider audience. Free Ways to Market Your Small Business.

Signing up for social media sites is free of charge. Use your personal or business accounts wisely to build your brand. Let people know about you and your business. Devise an effective marketing strategy to entice potential clients to click on your products or services. Update often to let your followers know about the latest news and promos.


Build your brand through videos

Some people prefer watching videos rather than reading articles. It could be because footage displays content faster than a written report does. Visual representation is also easier to remember rather than words.

You can upload your videos for free on social media and video-sharing sites. Make sure that you create high-quality videos that communicate your brand effectively. Let your viewers get a clear picture of the brand that you’re building.


Go for content marketing through articles and blogs

People love videos, but the majority of the population still read books and online articles. If you’re going to use content to build your brand, you have to make sure that people learn from your articles or blogs. Connect with people in a way that will benefit your brand, and not just because you want to get them to buy something.

Your goal should be to help your potential reader or clients through your brand. Build your brand by letting them know how they’re going to benefit from it, and don’t make them feel that you’re solely interested in selling your product. You or somebody in your company can write original content, so you don’t have to hire freelancers or a marketing agency.


Gear up on your customer service

People will surely remember your brand if your company offers excellent customer service. You can even incorporate your dedication in providing top-quality service for your clients in your brand. If you treat your customers right, trust them to spread the word themselves, and they’ll be the ones marketing your brand for you.

Build an effective strategy on how you’re going to make your customers have a delightful experience whenever they buy something from your company. If you’re not sure what methods will be most effective, you should consult a business coach to help you out. Invest in customer service, and you’ll surely save up on your marketing costs.


Find a partner and collaborate

If you’re still starting, it’s understandable that you don’t have a large audience yet. What you can do to help your business is to find a larger company and work together. Remember that you need to find another brand that complements your brand.

Assess if their audience would probably be interested in your brand, too. Work together and offer fresh ideas to your partner. If you’re creative enough, large companies might even offer to shoulder the marketing bill for both of you. Free Ways to Market Your Small Business.


In business, it’s necessary to spend your money wisely. Yes, you need to pay when you’re marketing or building your brand, but you don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this. Look for cost-efficient or even free strategies such as the ones listed above to help you out. Nothing is impossible for a person who knows how to find ways to make things work out.


Free Ways to Market Your Small Business and Build Your Brand


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