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Banking Products and Services Including Strategic Priorities of Banks

Banking Products and Services.

The Bank is always committed to serve the clients with the best values and innovative products and services to enrich its portfolio looking at the client’s demands and desires.


Banking Products and Services
Banking Products and Services. Photo Credit: Pexels


Banking Products and Services

The list of Products and Services of Bank is stated below:

Development of Banking

  • Industrial Loan with emphasis on the syndicated arrangement (Power & Energy
  • Telecommunication, Fibre Optic Cable, etc.)
  • Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project (Port Development, Transport & Communication like Road, Water & Air Ways, etc.)
  • Small & Medium Enterprise (SME like IT industries i.e. development of Hardware & Software).
  • Agro-based ventures depending on indigenous raw materials (like Jute Twin/Yarn and other Industries).
  • Green Banking (Environment & Eco-Friendly industries like an automatic brick kiln, renewable energy, effluent treatment plant, etc.)
  • Lease Financing.
  • Real Estate business (including housing loan).


Commercial & Foreign Exchange Business

Deposit Services:

  • Current Deposit Account
  • Savings Deposit Account-with cheque
  • Convertible Taka Account
  • Short Term Deposit Account-Bank
  • Exporter’s Fc Deposit Account
  • Non-Convertible Dollar Account
  • Fixed Deposit
  • Deposit Pensions Scheme
  • Other special Savings Deposit
  • 5-Year Term Sanchay Scheme
  • 10-Year Term Sheikh Sanchez Scheme (SSS)
  • 10-Year Term Chickasha Sanchez Scheme (CSS)

Term Deposit:

  • Monthly Term Deposit
  • Term Deposit for 3 Months
  • Term Deposit for 6 Months
  • Term Deposit for 12 Months
  • Term Deposit for above 12 Months

Short Terms Loans:

  • Cash Credit (Hypothecation)
  • Secured Advances (General)
  • Cash Credit (Pledge)
  • Secured Advances (Financial Obligation)


Retail Banking

  • Consumer’s Credit
  • Personal Loan

Trade/Foreign Trade Financing

  • Export Cash Credit
  • Payment Against Documents (PAD)
  • Packing Credit
  • Loan Against Imported Merchandise (LIM)
  • Purchase of Local & Foreign Documentary Bills
  • Loan Against Trust Receipt (LTR)

Foreign Exchange:

  • Local L/C
  • Import L/C
  • Export L/C
  • Back to Back L/C
  • Foreign Remittance
  • Foreign Exchange Buy & Sale


Other Banking Service:

  • Demand Draft Issue
  • Selling of Prize Bond
  • Payment order issue
  • Selling of savings certificates, etc.

Capital Market Operation

  • Share /Securities Trading
  • Brokerage House Services
  • Underwriting of Public Issues
  • Banker’s to the Public Issues
  • Mutual Fund operation


Loan and Advances

  • Loan against trust
  • Consumer credit Scheme
  • Loan against accepted
  • Industrial term loan
  • Agricultural term loan
  • Lease finance
  • Overdraft
  • Secured Overdraft(SOD)

Principal Activities Of Banks

The principal activities of the bank during the financial year were the provision of financial services including lending, deposit taking, payments services, investment portfolio management and advice, unit trust and superannuation fund management, insurance services, leasing, general finance, foreign exchange, and money market services. It also performs the merchant banking function under the license by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Other principal activities of Banks

  • Loan Operation
  • Economics and Research
  • Documentation of data
  • Procurement implementation
  • Loan recovery
  • Compliance
  • Central account control
  • HR maintains
  • Provide MIS service
  • General activities implementation


Strategic Priorities of the Bank

  • Select and invest industrial projects where locational advantages like local availability of raw materials, good infrastructural facilities (road communication, transport facilities, etc.) and utilities (power, gas, water, etc.) shall be available.
  • Limit project loan to (selected amount) maximum and  (selected amount) minimum (for large projects).
  • Arrange and participate in a syndicated loan for projects above (selected amount).
  • Identify prospective and potential entrepreneurs and investors/ clients and motivate, guide and help them select profitable industrial ventures for investment.
  • Regularly publish financial disclosures.
  • Undertake from time to time SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats) analysis for reviewing the bank’s market position.


Banking Products and Services Including Strategic Priorities of Banks


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