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5 Steps to Start Career in Beauty Salon Industry

5 Steps to Start Career in Beauty Salon Industry.

start career in beauty salon industry


5 Steps to Start Career in Beauty Salon Industry

Although there are a number of jobs that can be considered rewarding, those working in the beauty salon industry will tell you that nothing can be more fulfilling than being a hairstylist.

Why? For one, hair experts have one of the most glamorous and creative jobs in the world. They get to work their magic on their clients’ hair to give them the look they are aiming for.

Working as a stylist is instantly gratifying as well. If clients are satisfied with their new hairstyle, they show their appreciation immediately in various ways: with a big smile on their face, a sincere verbal “thank you”, and sometimes, even with a large tip, and their valuable patronage.


Working in a Beauty Salon.

Whether you have always wanted to work as a hairstylist or are now seriously considering shifting to this profession, here are the steps you need to take to start a career in the beauty salon industry:

  1. Complete a training course.

Even if you are already skilled in hairdressing, to be considered a professional in the beauty salon industry, you need to undergo training and obtain certification.

You can take up a cosmetology training course at a cosmetology or beauty school or at a community college. These courses can last between six months and two years. Whatever course you choose, make sure to select one that is approved by the state for licensing purposes.

Under these programs, you will learn how to cut, color, care for, and style hair. You will also know more about makeup and makeup application, nail, and skincare.

While learning important concepts, you will also have various opportunities to practice them. You will be working with real clients who visit the school for discounted services. Aside from applying what you learn, you will get to communicate with and listen to your clients to create hairstyles that meet their requirements.


  1. Get your license.

Nearly all countries and states require hairstylists to hold a license. However, the requirements in earning a license will differ by country and state.

In general, to obtain a license, stylists must:

  • Hold a high school diploma
  • Complete a state-approved cosmetology program
  • Pass a practical exam

A typical license practical exam involves performing some hair cutting and styling techniques on a mannequin. While demonstrating these skills, you have to demonstrate proper workplace safety and sanitary procedures as well.


  1. Obtain professional certifications

While taking up a training program or after getting a license, try to acquire additional professional certifications in specialty areas such as hair color and hair extensions.

You can get these certifications by undergoing training programs provided by manufacturers of hair products or professional organizations. These programs typically last for one day or more.

By getting these additional certifications, you get to demonstrate your knowledge and ability in these areas. They also let your future clients know about your versatility and dedication to being a professional stylist.


start career in beauty salon industry

  1. Create a portfolio of your best work

Before you start looking for a job, put together a professional-looking portfolio of hairstyles you have created. This should include all the notable works you completed as a student. You can also ask your friends and family if you can cut and style their hair, take before-and-after photos, and add them to your portfolio.

When creating your portfolio, make sure you demonstrate a wide range of skills. This means adding photos of makeup services and artistic manis and pedis you have done.


start career in beauty salon industry


  1. Look for a job

Once you get your license, acquire professional certifications, and put together an impressive portfolio, you can now start applying for a job at hair salons. Additionally, you can seek employment at a spa, hotel or resort, and even in some nursing care facilities.

Another great option would be to go the self-employment route. You can offer home services or rent a station or chair at established salons to start practicing your profession. If you are really planning to start your own business as professional salon entrepreneurs, then these tips might be helpful for you, 20 Successful Salon Marketing Tips for Salon Entrepreneurs.

Once you start working, always be friendly and strive to know and satisfy all your clients. Give recommendations, but listen to their requests. Make sure that your client’s hairstyle suits his or her look, personal style, and lifestyle.

When you begin having a steady stream of loyal clients and walk-ins, you know you’ve made it in the fascinating and rewarding world of hairstyling and cosmetology. 5 Steps to Start Career in Beauty Salon Industry.


5 Steps to Start Career in Beauty Salon Industry


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