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Time is a Great Healer

Time is a Great Healer

Time is a Great Healer. Disappointment and sadness may come into one’s life.
According to William Sydney Porter, ” Life is made up of sobs, sniffles, and smiles. ” In this regard, we can say that weal and woe come by turns. So the disappointment or sadness reduces with the passage of time. Disappointment or sadness may come if our body and soul become sick.

Some psychologists say that time plays the role of a great doctor.

Doctor Generally diagnose symptoms of diseases and prescribed medications accordingly. The whole process of the doctor helps to heal our diseases. Like the human body, the human mind suffers from diseases because of external shocks on the mind. No worldly physician can cure the pains and sufferings of the mind. We simply turn helpless. But time is a great physician. It passes on and gradually cures all of our sorrows, pains, sufferings, and frustrations. Without human interventions, everything becomes normal with the passing of time and time heals all wounds of mind. All pains subside and we forget everything. So it is time which appeases all pangs and sufferings. So, we can easily say that time really plays the role of a great physician. Time is a Great Healer.
What we need to do is give time to its space to work and thus we are assured with great miracles. Many a time what we feel is that we can’t come out of our bad time and it is the end of everything but still there remains hope and time to have wonders happening.
We all are traveling in a vehicle called time, time the vehicle won’t leave us anywhere and go, and definitely it would take us to some beautiful avenues. Give time its space to work; we shall not be in a hurry for fortunes to happen, however, in the fullness of time everything would happen.
 Time is a therapy that can remove any injury that come at life.

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