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We Live in Deeds , Not in Years

We Live in Deeds, Not in Years. Human life is very short. But man can add value to it if he/she makes proper use of time. By doing frequent good deeds, he defeats the limitation of a short life.

For example

a large oak tree lives for three hundred years. At last, it is used as firewood. A lily lives for a day but it scatters sweet fragrance. A Lilly is far sweeter than a log of wood.  Similarly, a man who performs good deeds lives a better life. But everybody wants to live long. Even dying patient hopes to come round for enjoying a longer life. An old man expects many returns for his birthday. We all want to live but do not know why !!

When a man dies, we feel very sorry.

We think that he/she has been cut off from the world. When a man lives a longer life, we feel proud of his old age. The simple joy of living is considered a sign of happiness and success. The great men like Hazrat Mohammad (sm), Jesus Christ, Akbar, Napoleon, and Shakespeare did not live long. Of them, Jesus Christ died a premature dead and the others died at the age of around 60 or 50. We remember them for their deeds. The works of great men are eternal.

The men who risk their lives for humanity will always be recommended.

But an ordinary man does not risk his life for others. In our daily life, we praise pro-active teachers and honest traders for their deeds for society. So we can say that we live in deeds, not in years. It is man’s deeds, not age, what immortalizes him through the ages.

In contrast,

people who go on gathering wealth and power, and selfishly exploit human beings, don’t live at all the life of man. During their existence, they are continually hated, and after their physical destruction, their memory is almost lost. However, very bad deeds and inhuman cruelties are not forgotten.


We Live in Deeds , Not in Years

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