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SWOT Analysis of Bangladesh Development Bank Limited (BDBL)

SWOT Analysis of BDBL (Bangladesh Development Bank Limited).

How can we define SWOT Analysis or SWOT Matrix?  SWOT analysis or can be called SWOT Matrix is a structured planning system for evaluating the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in companies that we are looking for. A SWOT analysis can be carried out for a product, place, industry or person.

SWOT Analysis of BDBL (Bangladesh Development Bank Limited)

Now, we are trying to highlight this SWOT in favor of a banking industry like BDBL (One of the reputed Govt. Specialized banks in Bangladesh).

SWOT analysis

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SWOT analysis of Bangladesh Development Bank Limited (BDBL) is as follows:

Strengths of BDBL   

  • BDBL is unique in its nature having both specialized and commercial operation it is regarded as a development bank as well as the commercial one.
  • One of the fundamental objectives of BDBL is to boost up small & medium scale industries, which makes a special perception of the bank.
  • BDBL has Skilled financial management, good credit control, and few bad debts.
  • BDBL has a veteran management team.
  • A strong balance sheet. Access to extensive credit, a strong credit rating, and a good relationship with the bank and other sources of finance.
  • Online banking operation & any branch banking facility.
  • Skilled employees, successful recruitment, and effective training and development.
  • Effective research and development, use of design and innovation.
  • Govt. support and Encouragement.
  • BDBL follows leading finance.

Weaknesses of BDBL

  • The decision-making process is lengthy.
  • Lack of competitive banking.
  • Lack of promotional activities.
  • Shortage of branches.
  • Less diversified products and services line. The salary of BDBL is not high enough related to other commercial banks operating in Bangladesh.
  • MAN/Internet/on-line services in BDBL is not upgraded, many of their works through manually.


Opportunities Of BDBL

  • There is a huge demand for micro-credit, small and medium scale finance.
  • Bangladesh’s economy is expanding rapidly, so the need for the bank is growing up.
  • There are opportunities for innovation in the banking industry.


Threats Of BDBL

  • More and less all the competition in the banking industry is competitive, so to survive BASIC Bank no. of defaults, the loan is 37% which is real threats of bank business.
  • Due to government institution many of the banking decisions basic by political government.
  • Too much interrupted by international assistance institutions like World Bank, IMF, WTO.


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