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How To Prepare Tax Return 2020

How To Prepare Tax Return 2020: The tax year 2020 is just around the corner. It will start from January 1st and will last till 31st December 2020. As a responsible citizen, you are obligated to pay taxes on your income. However, you should always keep in mind that the process of taxation could be seriously stressful and tiring.

You may want to take every measure to ensure that your money doesn’t go to waste. For that to happen, devising a proper plan and tax return in advance is mandatory. In this article, you will learn how to prepare and plan for the tax return of 2020. 

The business has lots of things going on at the same time. From keeping up with the competition to acquiescing with the new technology to streamlining multifarious business activities, an owner has to look after tons of things. 

Under such a stressing situation, having to manage the accounts and taxes is nothing short of an extra burden. No matter what type of business you run, the fact remains that preparing tax returns is a fairly complicated task. 

There are scores of IRS guidelines that are supposed to be followed when preparing and planning for the tax return. This would also mean that you might not be able to devote your attention to the business. 

How To Prepare Tax Return
How To Prepare Tax Return

How To Prepare Tax Return 2020

In order to help you cope with the anxiety and nervousness of the steps involving preparation and planning for the tax, here are some guidelines to follow. It is expected that by following them, you will be able to manage stress without disturbing your normal business routine.

Be Organized 

Keeping yourself ready and organized for taxes is the most important thing you should be doing since the start of 2020. You must ensure that you have the complete records of your income and expenses sources. Either in digital form or in black and white, keep all the necessary records with you. 

To organize one’s self better, one doesn’t really have to wait for another year. As a matter of fact, there’s a lot that you can do to keep yourself prepared and ready. Organizing yourself will let you file your tax returns with accuracy and you won’t be stressing out at the last moment. 

Determine Liability 

There are assets and liabilities in every business. They vary from one another depending on the size of the business and the industry you are in. Since every business is liable to pay taxes, this phase could be confusing for the owners.

For instance, businesses that are counted as fourth-quarter taxpayers are bound to calculate their taxes precisely in case they have capital gains from the mutual funds. Moreover, there might also be some year-end bonuses. These will be counted as an unexpected liability and they will also need to be addressed carefully. 

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how to prepare tax return
how to prepare tax return

You Must Comply With All Tax Reforms 

No one is above the law. The way you pay taxes has been redefined with the introduction of tax reforms. In order to avoid any legal problem, it is crucial for you to comply with all the latest tax regulations and reforms. 

When a new law is introduced, it tends to have an impact on everyone including individuals, families, and business owners. A lot of businesses have had to face penalties for not complying with new tax regulations despite the fact that they had managed their taxes in the right manner. 

Therefore, it is imperative that you fully understand the tax reform before preparing the tax return

Pay An Estimate Tax In Advance 

If you are an employee working under a corporation, you will have little to be worried about. However, when you step into the shoes of the business owner, there is a dramatic shift in the tax burden on your shoulders regarding your employees. 

In view of this, you must always keep yourself mentally prepared. You should think about benefiting from the years-old technique adopted by all business owners. Instead of paying a single amount in taxes, why don’t you pay the tax amount in four installments? 

In addition to being financially viable, this method will also streamline your tax payment process and bring reduction to the efforts and wastage of your time. 


By effectively managing your buying behavior and doing all the necessary planning in advance, you can definitely save a lot of your cash.

You can get tax exemption if you write off the costs of new equipment instead of using the traditional depreciation method. Therefore, it is advised for the business owners to consult their accountants before making a new purchase. 

After all, it is important to ascertain that with your decision, you are helping make a positive impact. 

Keep Track Of All Deductible Expenses 

This is something that all must follow. Whether you are a self-employed person, employee, or an employer, it is very important for you to track and reduce all your deductible expenses. 

If you are an individual, then you can avail of the benefit by presenting bills, office expenses, and travel expenses. As far as medical expenses, deductions that exceed 10% of adjusted gross income are allowed to be availed for anyone, be it a self-employed individual or an employer. 

Keeping track of your deductible expenses is a nice way of preparing for the tax return. It will lower the anxiety and help you reduce the tax liability. So, ensure that you are doing this already. 

How To Prepare Tax Return
How To Prepare Tax Return

Hire a Professional Tax Consultant 

By following the above-mentioned steps, you can effective manage and plan your tax for 2020 for sure. Nonetheless, nothing can match the perfection levels offered by skilled and educated professional tax consultants. 

These professionals have years of training and education. They are fully aware of every single method of accounting. They can completely and effectively handle all your tax-related challenges. 

In the end, we would like to remind you that for an effective tax return in 2020, it is critical that you start preparation from the beginning of the year. That way, you can not only handle the tax stress but you will also be able to prevent your business or yourself from any penalties. 


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