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6 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Business Taxes

6 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Business Taxes


6 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Business Taxes. Business owners may get many opportunities to reduce tax, and the employees can not avail of these privileges. There are many differences between saving taxes and escaping taxes. Saving or reducing the taxes comes under legal methods whereas evading the business taxes comes under illegal methods.


Some of the business experts say that reducing the business taxes is the better way to survive in your business if you are a newcomer to the business and the profits are minimal. You should be aware of the tax laws to differentiate between tax reduction and tax evasion.  Here are a few points relevant to the reduction of business taxes with intelligence in a legal method.


Ways to Reduce Your Business Taxes

6 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Business Taxes. One by one is discussing below – 


  1. Convert Personal Expenses into Business Expenses

You can reduce business taxes by converting your expenses into business expenses. For example, if you have a home office, you can convert the utility bills for your home as the business expense to reduce the tax. This is the right side of the tax reduction.


  • If you can convert personal dining bills, entertainment bills, and energy bills as official expenses of your home office, you can have some tax reduction.
  • You can convert professional education expenses to business expenses and make the company car into your car to deduct some business taxes. Some people chose debt consolidation as an idea to reduce the tax on business.
  • Your health premium benefits can be converted into business expenses to attain tax reduction.


  1. Deduct Standard Business Expenses

Deduction of standard business expenses is helpful to reduce business taxes. Deducting expenses on supplies and inventories is a wise way to reduce taxes on your business or a company. The costs of marketing, labor, and material come under standard business expenses and the decline in these expenses is helpful to reduce taxes.


  1. Avoid an audit

To avoid an audit and reduce expenditures on business taxes, you can take the help of licensed accountants with the experience of over ten years. You can show your company as FICA to S-LLC to reduce taxes on your business. The cost of Certified Public Accountants or Enrollment Assistants may be higher, but the taxes you can save will be higher when compared to their fees.


Hence, prepare your tax sheet and entrust with certified accountants to reduce your business taxes. The certified accountants can provide credible services and tax reductions in legal methods to avoid an audit on your small business.


Ways to Reduce Your Business Taxes


  1. Save money for health care needs

Even if you have a home business or a small business, you can save money for health premiums and can get a tax reduction on your business. You can show your health premium as a business expense and can attain tax benefits.


  1. Make Smart Tax Selections

Smart tax selections like FICA taxes are a wiser way to reduce business taxes. If you are a self-employed person, your business tax can be reduced to half if you can divide your income into investment and salary wisely. Other deductions like standard deductions, exemptions, and credits are other ways of smart tax selections.

The smarter ways of reducing taxes can be useful for your LLC if you can manage your credit records good. A good credit score is the best idea to reduce taxes and can help you to attain quicker loans for business.

These are applicable for taxes you already paid for the state and the taxes you already paid on your expenses. If you can show some of your expenses as business expenses, you need not use illegal methods like falsifying the income, under a display of income, or flat-out of the unpaid tax for attaining tax deduction.


  1. Investment Property depreciation

If you can use methods like the Simplified Employment Pension Plan of Individual Retirement Account for your investment, you can get some tax reduction from the state. On the other hand, you can have a secure future for your retirement if you can make the use of schemes like this.

You can contribute up to 25% of your income to the SEP-IRA plan and attain tax deduction on your entire contribution if you can show that you are a self-employed person. This scheme is applicable to small business owners also. In the end, if you can make smart investments, you can reduce some taxes and can save from certain losses in your small business according to experts.

Reduction in business taxes is an important point to reduce losses in your business. You can reduce standard business expenses, making smart investments, opting smarter ways of taxes, can show some of your expenses as business expenses, and prevent audit by the guidance of certified tax prepares or licensed accountants from getting a negotiable reduction on the business taxes. Your smartness lies in staying on the right side of the legality to attain tax reduction and save for your future business plans.

6 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Business Taxes


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