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Ethical but not Legal and Legal but not Ethical Conducts

Legal but not Ethical Conducts and Ethical but not Legal

Legal but not Ethical Conducts

legal but not ethical

Not Ethical but Legal

Not ethical but Legal definition is a major difference. 

Laws are written and stated and expected to be followed for legal purposes. A code of ethics is unwritten moral rules that differ from person to person and between cultures. Ethical but not Legal and Legal but not Ethical Conducts.

Five controversial examples are legal but not ethical.

01.    I give a person a certain amount of money that is definitely legal. Later I ask him for a favor of some kind, I’m one step from being a slug. This is totally legal but when a person betrays me this unethical.

02.    Keeping money that someone dropped is legal, but again, many would find it unethical.

03.    The death penalty is also legal in many states, but a multitude of individuals consider it unethical.

04.     Smoking cigarettes in public is legal in some places, but some may find it disrespectful and unethical.

05.    Abortion is legal in some places, but many consider it unethical.

Ethical but not Legal and Legal but not Ethical Conducts

Ethical but not legal

Five controversial examples are ethical but not legal.

01When a child is hungry and he stole a loaf of bread from a shop to feed.

This action is ethical because a child is hungry and he wants something to eat but this is illegal because stealing is illegalized throughout the world.

02The transformer gives us electricity.

But the transformer emits a lot of heat that is why it may sometime burn out causing real damage some times to the people. Therefore if someone removes the fuse of the transformer while there is a chance that the transformer may burn out it is illegal but it is perfectly ethical because the person who removes the fuses would want to avoid damage.

03It is illegal to run a traffic light or speed even though it is ethical & also legal if someone’s life depended on it… Like if we had to rush them to the hospital.

04It can be illegal not to fulfill a contract, but it might be ethical for any number of logical reasons.

05.  It is illegal to lease a car or an apartment in your name for someone else who otherwise would not qualify but it is an ethical thing to do if it is going to help them succeed in life.


In a nutshell session, Ethics and laws can be a murky subject because laws are always changing, and ethics are infinitely varied.  Ethics depend, in part, on the level of social and cultural integration between people within a society.

For example, a tribal system and a state-level society usually have differing opinions on what is ethical. However, the differences between people mean there will always be a gap between what is legal and what is ethical. Ethical but not Legal and Legal but not Ethical Conducts.


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