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Drug Addiction Problem among Young People

Drug Addiction Problem among Young People


Drug Addiction Problem among Young People. Many persons have used drugs for as they have tried to ease pain and avoid problems. Since the early 1960s, drugs have been in very widespread use. Before that time they were rare. A worldwide spread of drugs occurred during that decade, and a large percentage of people became drug-takers.


Drugs are supposed to do wonderful things but all they really do is to ruin the person and their life. Can you imagine that Drug problems do not end when a person stops taking drugs. The accumulated effects of drug-taking can leave one severely impaired, both physically and mentally. Though the dangers and liabilities of drugs are blatantly obvious and increasingly well documented, people continue to take them. Main reason of drug comes from depression. When a person is depressed or in pain, and where she/he finds no physical relief from treatment, she/he will eventually discover for himself that drugs remove his symptoms.


On the other hand, Unemployment rate of young educated people is increasing day by day. For that reason finance crisis and family bonding issues arising rapidly in personal aspects. This is creating mental pressure on an unemployed person. Eventually, this creates mental pains which are ‘psychosomatic’ which means the mind making die body ill or illnesses caused through the mind. ‘Psycho’ refers to ‘mind‘ and ‘soma’ refers to body: In almost all cases of psychosomatic pain, illness or discomfort the person has sought some cure for the upset. When he at last finds that only drugs give him relief, he will surrender to them and become dependent upon them. often to the point of addiction. In an unsettled and insecure environment psychosomatic illness is very widespread.


So, before any government strikes too heavily at spreading drug use, it should recognize that it is a symptom of failed psychotherapy. The social scientist, the psychologist and psychiatrist and health ministers have failed to handle Spreading psychosomatic illness. Drug Addiction Problem among Young People. It is too easy to blame the drug problem on ‘social unrest’ or the ‘peace of modern society”. The hard, solid fact is that until now there has been no effective psychotherapy in broad practice. The result is a drug-dependent population. Drug users have been found to have begun taking drugs because of physical suffering or hopelessness.


The user, driven by pain and environmental hopelessness, continues to take drugs. Though he doesn’t want to be an addict; he doesn’t feel that there is any other way out. However, with proper treatment, drug dependency can be fully handled. As soon as he can he can feel healthier and more competent mentally and physically without drugs than he does on drugs, a person ceases to require drugs. Drug addiction has been shrugged off by psychiatry as ‘unimportant’ and the social problem of drug-taking has received no attention from psychiatrists rather the contrary, since they themselves introduced and popularized LSD. And many of them are pushers.


Government agencies have failed markedly to halt the increase in drug-taking and there has been no real or widespread cure. To check this problem, government vigilance on drug activity must be increased. Government agency should use electronic & print media to increase awareness among the people. Parents are the closest relatives of any people. Parents must monitor their children’s activity & must give lesson about effect of drug addiction. Up to date Information of drug addiction should be included in the textbook of schools & colleges. Accountability of the government officials engaged in narcotic control department must be ensured.


Drug Addiction Problem among Young People

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