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Critical Success Factors

Critical Success Factors

How can make you headway in turning your organization into a successful one?

Critical Success Factors. Most of the organization or factories are not in the right tracks of appropriate management. Many owners and top executives believe that piling up a good number of machines, laying them one behind the other make up a factory. The rest is catching up customer and working day and night. That is how, many factories, in the initial stage thrived and proposed. Most probably those old golden days are gone. Besides factories under mismanagement may rob off one’s peace and happiness. One may be under continuous threat of order cancellation, rejection of goods ready at store, discount, air shipment, so on and so forth. The ownership of a factory may prove to be a nightmare.

Critical Success Factors
Have you ever thought that you might control all these ominous factors?

Certainly you will be able to surmount all the crises lest you determine the most critical factors you need to eradicate and the most important processes and system you need to lunch.
Under a situations a running factory must do and not do the following things to circumvent problems and challenges and fetch success.
1. Do you deliver monthly salary within the first week of the month?
If not immediately launch a program to deliver salary within the first week of the month.
2. Do you deliver the overtime on legally mandated date?
If not immediately lunch a program to deliver within the legally mandated date.
3. Do you deliver personal & staff based on kingship or references?
Immediately lunch a program to recruit manpower based on education, training, experience, personal qualities etc. and not on kingship. Appointment based on kingship would do more harm to your management than benefit.
4. Do you have relatives in the management?
If yes, arrange for their training on related topics.
5.1 Do you train your manpower?
If not, start training your officers and staff on computer literacy and relevant subjects they are engaged in. Training quickly improves efficiency and performance of personnel.
5.2 do you train your workers and helpers?
Conduct continuous training of your workers so as to make them skilled. Arrange for multitasking them. Skilled workers bring for your product or service quality and productivity.

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