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5 Ways Savvy Leaders Find and Keep Superstar Employees

5 Ways Savvy Leaders Find and Keep Superstar Employees.

No matter what industry their firm operates in, savvy leaders know that the people they choose to bring onto the team are a fundamental part of the success.


5 Ways Savvy Leaders Find and Keep Superstar Employees


It is nigh on impossible to develop a conquering enterprise solo; you need to have hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic employees by your side. And, more than that, you need to ensure they stay by your side for as long as possible.

5 Ways Savvy Leaders Find and Keep Superstar Employees


Here are five ways savvy leaders find and keep superstar employees.

Finding Superstar Employees

  1. Employ all possible digital apps and networks –

In 2018, finding superstar employees means diving into the digital age and using all possible apps and networks. There is so much power in these online networks and programs that you would be foolish to overlook them.

There is an assortment of ways that you can utilize these channels, and here are some ideas:

  • Become engaged with niche and broad job boards, talent communities and hiring apps
  • Use digital hiring apps
  • Use social media and other online networks to communicate with passive candidates and high-level professionals who may not currently be considering a new job but would contemplate a move if an attractive offer came along

Furthermore, one of your greatest networks is right in front of you (although many businesses overlook it), and that is your current team of employees. As long as you have a positive work environment for employees, then a system of employee referrals should be a significant means for finding superstar employees.


  1. Hire a recruitment agency –

Working as a mediator between your company and a potential superstar employee, a recruitment agency will work with you to find the perfect match for your job opening.

In this arena, a recruitment agency has more resources, tools and systems than your business for finding high-level employees. This allows you to gain access to a broader pool of applicants and make more informed decisions, while also cutting down on the amount of time and resources your business needs to spend.

Savvy leaders understand they can’t handle everything on their own, and when it comes to finding the best employees for the company, they know that working with a reliable recruitment agency is worth it.


Keeping Superstar Employees


  1. Follow through on promises and initiatives –

Once you have found your superstar employees,  you want to keep them as part of your team for as long as possible. However, the swiftest method to make them leave is to over-promise and offer something you can’t deliver.


Instead of trying to lure them into the company with huge promises, focus on a couple of things at a time. Communicate with them about a couple of things that you can work on together, and then, later on, add a few more.

Superstar employees know their worth, and they don’t want to be working in a firm where promises are empty, expectations aren’t met, and more words are being thrown around than concrete actions.


  1. Encourage true diversity –

To keep superstar employees (and all employees), savvy leaders know that the firm has to foster true diversity. This means valuing and maintaining diversity at all levels and encouraging all employees to move up through the ranks of the firm. No exceptions.


During the recruiting phase, when you (or someone from your organization) speaks with potential superstar employees, you want to ensure that you have a clear strategy and implementation plan for a diversity/culture change initiative and that you are also able to explain how it works in practice.


  1. Ensure that employees feel valuable –

Everyone, no matter where they work or their role in the workplace, wants to feel valuable to the operations. No one wants to spend their days working away in an office where they don’t feel a part of or integrated into the mission, vision and business strategy.

5 Ways Savvy Leaders Find and Keep Superstar Employees

To keep superstar employees, you need to ensure that they understand that their skills and knowledge are acknowledged, respected and used.

If you want to not only keep your employees but also have them working and engaging most beneficially and efficiently, then they need to feel valuable. When this happens, they will go the extra mile to share ideas and innovation.


How do leaders in your firm find and keep superstar employees? What do you see is the most crucial aspect of your recruitment program? Let us know in the comments below!

5 Ways Savvy Leaders Find and Keep Superstar Employees

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