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Managing Energy Crisis in Bangladesh

Managing Energy Crisis in Bangladesh

Managing Energy Crisis in Bangladesh. Generally,  Those of us who are living in Bangladesh are victims of energy crisis. You may see , It is unfortunate that as a nation we have not been able to resolve this problem even after forty years of our independence. Governments come and go and this issue remains a struggling issue. By ‘energy crisis’ we are mainly referring to natural gas and electric power Shortages.


In this discussion we would try to reflect on some possible solutions that might work for us. It is primarily government’s responsibility to ensure uninterrupted power supply in our national grids. But since our government is unable to meet the demands they are welcoming the private enterprises to come in to establish private power generating enterprises, which is a good move. But unfortunately, due to too much of control and restrictions the interested entrepreneurs in this sector are not been able to perform. Many of us think that it would be better if the government opens the door to the entrepreneurs to establish power factories without any regulations whatsoever!


However, the basis of the generation of power should be tackled properly. We do not want to burn out or use up our natural resources like the natural gas, coal or timber to generate electric power. Instead, the entrepreneurs should look into the possibility of small regional based hydro-power projects to meet the demands as well as explore other power related technological breakthrough like wind and solar power.


On some simple conditions, like the project should be environment friendly, the cost of production should be affordable by the subscribers in the region, must be open to local employment, etc could be there so that no one is afraid to get into a deal.

Utility companies are normally profitable and stable; therefore many entrepreneurs would take interest in this business:

By separating the main power supply into commercial and residential at source, the total distribution of power could be regulated ensuring continuous and uninterrupted power supply to the dependent industries. Stealing and looting of power should also be addressed and stopped completely by imposing huge penalties and punishments if caught.


Remove term: Energy Crisis in Bangladesh Energy Crisis in Bangladesh


Exploration of coal may not be suitable for Bangladesh as it carries some environmental and ecological risks like fracture of land surfaces due to underground hollow, etc.

So it is better to leave them underground as they are. Besides, we do not have much coal reserves anyways! If we ever get lucky to explore our own oil reserves then the fuel coming from there could entirely go to our power productions. Because it the ‘power’ that we really need, Which is the driving force no matter how it is transformed.


Managing Energy Crisis in Bangladesh

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