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Honesty Is The Best Sauce

Honesty Is The Best Sauce

 Honesty Is The Best Sauce. There is no ending of expectations and desires of human beings. Demand for food is one of the basic needs of human beings. It fulfills man’s demand for living on earth. The sauce makes the food tastier. Sauce increases the taste of all types of food. When people become hungry everything becomes tasty. This is usual for all humans.

A hungry man seeks only and anything eatable serves his purpose. A hungry man can eat everything around him because hunger takes him to an extreme point. In this circumstance he does not look back to eat snakes and lizards. A man who has the option to choose one out of many has a different taste. But the poor men do not have the option to choose from many items. Similarly, a hunger man has no option. He does not feel any anger watching the food before him. Everything available seems to be tasty because hunger plays the role of sauce. The fact is applicable to other aspects of life.

When a man is amorous for love, he needs just a women’s attention. He doesn’t look for her beauty, education, or intelligence. He accepts any girl available to him. Very often we neglect our duties by showing lame excuses or false when we do not have the proper motivation for accomplishing them. But, when we have to perform our duties. We feel the urge to do so and no lame excuses or false pleas can debar us from doing our jobs.

Hunger makes even a badly prepared food item tasty and toothsome.

In the same way, the dire need for urgent necessity makes our jobs easy. Hunger is the best appetizer and necessity is the best motivator.

So we can rightly say that hunger is the best sauce.

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