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Essential Elements of a Good Job Description

Essential Elements of a Good Job Description

Essential Elements of a Good Job Description. Before learning how to write a job description, it is crucial to understand the meanings and differences of the following six words:

  • Position
  • Job
  • Class
  • Class-series
  • Family
  • Occupation

Essential Elements of a Good Job Description

Information Used in Describing Jobs

Although it does not often appear, a section entitled conditions of employment may be added to a job description.
a) Conditions of employment
b) Environmental condition
c) Reasonable accommodation
d) Comparing conditions of employment


Ways of Describing Job Facts

There are some ways of describing jobs in the organizational enterprises. These ways can be discussed bellow:
1. Position description: Under this method, positions of employees are described and their activities are identified. Executives who are placed at the higher positions and employees who are placed at the lower position are also identified.
2. Class Description: Under the way different hierarchies are 1/41,described. 13) this description, the higher positions and their duties responsibilities, Resorting this way the describer also identifies similarly lower positions.

3. Standing operating procedures: What types of operations are going on in the organization can be described with this way. Among these operations number of operational procedures are identified as standards.


Guidelines for Job Description

D. J. Cherrington has identified six guidelines for job description. These are also known as hints for job description. If all these guidelines are followed, job description may be concluded successfully.

These guidelines are shortly discussed below:

  • Be clear
  • Indicate scope
  • Be specific
  • Show supervisory responsibilities
  • Be brief
  • Recheck


Planning, Operations and Control

Planning –   It includes some elements arc as follows:
The following are instruments for setting performance standard of the job description:
a) Organization design
b) Staffing levels
c) Career ladders and career path
d) Job design
e) Pay system design


Operations –  It includes the following aspects:
a) Recruiting and screening 4
b) Hiring, placement and orientation
c) Development procedure
d) Training and development


Control – It includes the components are as follows:
a) Performance standards
b) Legal requirements
c) Collective bargaining.


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