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What is Internship Program? – Objective and Importance

What is Internship Program? The internship is a process to achieve practical knowledge about some theoretical lessons. Basically, internship means having a practical knowledge from a real scenario of work.
The purpose of the internship is to gain real knowledge of a particular subject.


What is Internship Program
What is Internship Program?

What is Internship Program? 

Two Ways for Acquiring Knowledge

  1. Theoretical knowledge can be achieved by reading the book and journals.
  2. Practical knowledge can be achieved through direct practice.

In the internship method, candidates acquire practical knowledge and it broadens the students’ outlook. In the classroom, students obtain only theoretical knowledge but internship helps to gather practical knowledge.

Green says that standard methods taken for searching knowledge are meant internship. We know that Theoretical knowledge is significant for developing the understandability of a student. But except for some practical training, this theoretical knowledge is incomplete. During the internship, the students face various practical problems where they learn how to deal with those problems. It increases the student’s efficiency to take the decision in proper time.

So, Internship is a process by which students learn to perform the work practices and the internship program is a preserved training designed to render the practical experience of a given job.

In other words to employ achieved knowledge is called internship program.

Objectives of the Internship Program.

To achieve knowledge in the practical field of an organization in order to make theoretical knowledge to be more fruitful and realistic is called practical training or internship. The motives for the internship are given below.

  • To make theoretical knowledge clear and exact.
  • To increase the value of theoretical knowledge.
  • To remove the limitations of theoretical knowledge.
  • To get practical knowledge about the institution.
  • For reporting practice.
  • Identify the problems and put forward recommendations.
  • To know about the present situation of the institutions.
  • To expand the span of knowledge.
  • To implement the knowledge of practical training in the practical life.
  • To know how to solve managerial problems.
  • To innovate new techniques of management.
  • To suggest some measures for the improvement of the profitability position of an organization.


Importance of Internship.

Without an internship no knowledge is perfect. A professional man needs practical knowledge to cope with the difficulties in the business environment. The importance of the internship are as follows:

  • In order to materialize the theoretical knowledge in the practical field.
  • It can help to cope with the changing condition of today’s complex business world.
  • It is possible to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of complex problems.
  • It can help to compete with other competitive institutions. For this, the qualities of the product and service can be developed.
  • The internship is done in the practical field. So the knowledge about the relationship between the different divisions or sectors can be acquired.
  • Through the internship, the information about the concern can be compared with others and the problem can be identified and solved.
  • Through the internship, the direct discussion is possible with high officials and general employees. It helps to acquire knowledge about the functions of an organization.
  • It has kept an important role to enter in practical life.
  • The problem, which may arise during the application of theoretical knowledge, it is possible to solve by the internship program.
  • To achieve knowledge and experience about various aspects of industrial organization.
  • To improve theoretical knowledge.
  • To add new practical knowledge with traditional knowledge.
  • To make policy for the development of the concern.


Problems of Internship.

We know that practical training is essential to acquire a piece of complete knowledge. But it is not easy to gain. There are problems with this activity. These are as follows:

  • It needs enough time to visit, fieldwork, patience, and inspiration but these are not always available in our country.
  • The lack of data is also a problem with the internship.
  • Observation of activities is a difficult task.
  • As secrecy of accounting is a must for an institution the concerned data and information are not always mutually presented to evaluate the institution.
  • The internship training needs sufficient financial support. But we have not got this support.
  • Another problem is the lack of necessary elements and aspects for these reasons practical training becomes difficult.


What is Internship Program?

What is Internship Program

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