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Best Business Schools for Business Degrees

Best Business Schools for Business Degrees.

Top 5 (five) universities for business degrees.


Best Business Schools for Business Degrees

Best Business Schools for Business Degrees

Massachusetts Institute of Technology 

In addition to MBA courses, executive training programmes and other postgraduate degrees, the school also teaches undergraduates through “Course 15” which adds a business perspective to students with a technical and quantitative background.  The Sloan School of Management, also known as MIT Sloan, offers business programmes at the university. The classes include problem sets that use real-world business cases and approaches them with a scientific methodology. The course also provides opportunities to do research and take part in entrepreneurship competitions.

Business courses cover a variety of topics at MIT, including operations research, consulting, entrepreneurship, finance, information technology, product development and marketing. There is an emphasis on innovation across all these topics. Many influential new ideas in business, including the field of system dynamics, were born out of work at the Sloan School. MIT is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, next door to Harvard, it is a hub of innovation and entrepreneurship.


Stanford University

Stanford University –  Stanford’s graduate business school admits students for MBA, PhD, master’s and executive degrees. In 2006, the school received what was then the largest endowment ever given to a business school: $105 million from an alumnus and the founder of Nike. The business school at Stanford is known to be the most selective in the US, determined by the competition for acceptance on to a course. Typically, fewer than 7 per cent of applications secure a place.


The University of Oxford 

University of Oxford – Undergraduate business students at Oxford study economics and management within the traditional degree framework, largely taught in college in small group tutorials. Oxford’s academic department for business is the Saïd Business School, which teaches across business, management and finance.

The postgraduate programmes on offer include the popular MBA programme, an executive MBA programme, a PhD in management studies and master’s degrees in financial economics, law and finance and strategic management.


The University of Chicago 

The business school at the University of Chicago – called the Chicago Booth School – is the second oldest business school in the US, and the first to offer the executive MBA programme.

Seven faculty members have won Nobel Prizes for innovative ideas in the field of business. The school also boasts relationships with corporations that enable career opportunities for the extensive alumni network. Although most students are enrolled full-time, the MBA course can also be taken in evenings or on weekends. Best Business Schools in the World for Business Degrees – 


Harvard University

Harvard business school has a track record of aspiring business professors and people aiming to work in the sector. Originally the school was conceived as a centre for diplomacy, based on the French grandes écoles system, but later developed into an academic department for business topics from banking to industrial progress.

The MBA at Harvard is a two-year residential programme, compared with one-year programmes elsewhere.

There is also an active community of business-minded undergraduates. The Harvard Undergraduate Women in Business society, formed by 10 undergraduates, organises conferences and events, and there is a summer programme run by the business school providing management training to undergraduates with business internships.


Best Business Schools in the World for Business Degrees

Best 50 Universities for Business and Economics degrees 2016-2017

Rank 2016-2017

University Country  
1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology United States
2 Stanford University United States
3 University of Oxford United Kingdom
4 University of Chicago United States
5 Harvard University United States
6 Northwestern University United States
7 University of Cambridge United Kingdom
8 University of California Berkeley United States
9 University of Pennsylvania United States
10 Columbia University United States
11 Tilburg University Netherlands
12 Cornell University United States
13 National University of Singapore Singapore
14 Hong Kong University of Science and Technology Hong Kong
15 University of Minnesota United States
16 Carnegie Mellon University United States
17 Erasmus University Rotterdam Netherlands
18 Peking University China
19 University of British Columbia Canada
20 University of Warwick United Kingdom
21 University of Toronto Canada
22 University of Manchester United Kingdom
23 University of California, San Diego United States
23 University of Mannheim Germany
25 Bocconi University Italy
26 Pennsylvania State University United States
27 University of Wisconsin-Madison United States
28 The University of Texas at Austin United States
29 University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
30 LMU Munich Germany
31 Tsinghua University China
32 University of Southern California United States
33 Michigan State University United States
34 The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign United States
35 Dartmouth College United States
36 Australian National University Australia
37 Arizona State University United States
38 Université Fédérale de Toulouse France
39 University of Melbourne Australia
40 University of Virginia United States
41 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University Hong Kong
41 Boston University United States
43 Boston College United States
43 Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
45 McGill University Canada
45 University of Zurich Switzerland
47 University of Bonn Germany
48 Pompeu Fabra University Spain
49 Maastricht University Netherlands
50 Purdue University

United States



Best Business Schools in the World for Business Degrees

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