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Sponsored Post Guidelines – BBALECTURES

Sponsored Post Guidelines – BBALECTURES

Sponsored Post Guidelines. At BBALectures, our team write and publish articles on business topics and sometimes we post articles from other bloggers or from sponsors also. These sponsored blog posts are treated as paid publications while we accept them if they meet our post guidelines. We always request, to our bloggers and sponsors that mentioned guidelines must be complied by your blog post to make them acceptable for a sponsored post on BBALectures –

Meaning of Sponsorship at BBALectures If you want to publish a post on BBALectures Blog and want a link back to your website, then this can be termed as advertising and thus it needs sponsorship.

Sponsored Post Guidelines

  • Sponsored posts must be mentioned that they are sponsored, in accordance with FTC regulations. The post will usually end with a byline mentioning “This blog post was sponsored by (Name).”
  • We Offer full disclosure regarding sponsored posts. It’s essential that users know when they’re viewing sponsored content. In Some countries this is a legal requirement. We fix the best place for a disclosure is the top of a blog post (to ensure that users see it even if they don’t read to the end of the post).
  • We accept max. 2 “no-follow” links into each post as per Google’s guidelines. “Links that pass PageRank in exchange for goods or services/brand are against Google guidelines on link schemes,” according to Google.
  • Posts must be unique, and free from plagiarism. As per Google advice, sponsored articles should consist of ‘exclusive content that only can create due to unique expertise or resources’.
  • The posts must be of minimum 1000 words length, whether we reserve the right to edit post to correct grammar, spelling, and formatting.
  • Please don’t make query for customize links on specific keywords and custom anchor texts. It’s strictly against guidelines.
  • The sponsored post must be included one or more high resolution relevant pictures, even unique attached videos are appreciated.
  • We do not possess any relation with the sponsor and the views expressed in the sponsored posts don’t represent BBALectures.
  • The fee charged for a sponsored post will depend on your case.
  • We will accept payment in advance. Discounted sponsored posts will be considered for repeated sponsored posts from the same source.
  • we reserve the final decision to accept or reject a sponsored post.
  • Also, it goes without saying that the terms of the partnership must not be disclosed to any third-party. It’s strictly against our policy.
  • We hold the right to take down sponsored post and take intimidate actions if your product/service/ideas/brand violates any copyright or patent.

So, if you want to get your sponsored posts published on BBALectures Blog, contact us via email: lecturesbba@gmail.com

In a nutshell, We would love to share that Google has always been clear on one thing – that we must not mislead our readers in any way, especially if we are trying to sell something, including our self, for money. We always show good wishes for you to be with BBALectures.

Sponsored Post Guidelines - BBALECTURES