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Operation Management – Case Study

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Operation Management – Case Study based on personal observation

Mr. Hiran Barua Avi is an instructor at Saic Institute Of Management And Technology. He is guide teacher of textile 4th semester B section. He has to manage class schedule, course teacher arrangement, industrial tour, lab class accommodation and so on. He is very popular with his pupils. They like him very much. There are 37 students in textile 4th semester B section. Mrs. Masuda Khan is a course teacher of environmental management at textile 4th semester B section. She has 2 lectures per week of 50 minutes with textile 4th semester B section. Mr. Hiran regular visits his pupils in their class room. One day he founded that Mrs. Masuda was absent in her class room. So he asked that if they informed madam for her class.one of the students replied that he tried to reach madam by cell phone but nobody picked the ring. So Mr. Hiran went to teacher common room to find out where is Mrs. Masuda. But nobody answered about Mrs. Masuda. At last he founded that Mrs. Masuda with another madam coming from Departmental Head Room. So he asked, “Do you reached now at office?” She replied angrily, “I reached office at time.” “So why your students are waiting for you at room number 605?” asked Mr. Hiran. “I went to class room but no students there. So I got back.” Mr. Hiran realized that Mrs. Masuda had a bad idea about him. He has a good reputation with his colleagues. So he directly went to Dept. Head and informed about the whole situation. Dept. Head answered that he will personally talk with Mrs. Masuda. At last Mr. Hiran went to teacher room and had a small conversion with Mrs. Masuda and said sorry for misunderstanding. He gave a Kit –Kat chocolate to Mrs. Masuda for understanding him.


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